Cindy – JACKPOT!!!!  by Jilamint

Person’s Name : Cindy

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place Peakhurst

Date of Visit : 17/11/14

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 19 Pritchard Place

Hours of Business : 10am till late

Rates : 1hr $110

Age : Late 20’s, early 30’s, late 30’s, who really knows, who gives a shit. AWESOME

Size/shape : Average, pretty enough

Nationality or Ethnicity :Not sure, didn’t ask, assume Chinese.

Services Provided : DFK, FS

Value for money/recommend? : YES, YES, YES.

Experience / Comments:

Been having a few punts here and there, and after reviewing Macy last time got a message from Pete thanking me for my report and suggesting that they had a new girl Cindy starting soon and that he hears she is good in the bedroom. Well, for good reason I’m a little skeptical when those with a financial interest tell me their girls are good, however Pete is a dinki di, not the usual dodgy Shanghai street market seller, so I was tempted to think there was at least some truth to his description.

I’d been busy and had at least a weeks load built up and wondered where was I going to put it next. I checked Pritchard Place roster with Cindy in mind, not having any idea when she would be starting or on what day, and blow me down (pardon the pun), Cindy was listed!

Got straight in the car and head over, sans appointment, expecting if she is new she won’t be booked out.

Walked in the door to be greeted by a different papasan who saw me in the door. I asked for Cindy and he seemed surprised that I asked for her. ‘Where did you hear about Cindy?’ he asked. ‘Pete’ I said. With a smile he let me in and said he would check. Cindy would be free in 10min.

As I sat down waiting someone turned up in a 4WD and let himself in with a key. He had an aussie accent. Now I’d never actually met Pete but was hoping to after having a few conversations/emails with him. He walked past and said hello, to which I asked ‘are you the famous Pete?’ to which he replied, ‘yes, are you the famous Jilamint?’. ‘Yes’, I replied with a laugh. We shook hands and he said he was hoping to bump into me one day.

Pete and I had a chat about things, the girls, the industry, the dodgy places we know and why some of the well known long term girls leave (usually due to those places well known bad management practises. Its not just us punters that are told lies and get treated with contempt!!)

It was great to catch up with him but Cindy became free. In the room I go and wait, unsure what to expect.

Cindy walked in. I’m not sure exactly what I expected but first glance I was…well, I was going to say disappointed but that’s not entirely accurate. I think the thing is in your mind you are always expecting a young, hot, glamour porn star, and that’s rarely the case. Personality is just as important, if not more so, than physical looks, and Cindy was lovely. The typical girl wanting to offer you a great service. Although English was not her strong point, it was obvious she was very kind and lovely. Lots of smiles, and attempted to undress me etc. I actually find this annoying, only because its awkward to try and have someone else undress you when you are older than 5, not to mention 3 times slower than doing it yourself. I understand some find it a nice touch and a nice part of the service, but its not for me. Nor is the girl drying me after my shower, which Cindy also attempted. It just shows what great service provider she is.

On with the show, I had already tested the waters for DFK and it was an absolute YES. She wasn’t one of these typical ‘grandma’ kissers that seem to be around these days, she was a full on tongue girl!

More DFK and we were soon on the bed. She had a nice body, completely smooth pussy, great for caressing and fucking (and DATY if its your thing).

Although we were busy kissing passionately I think we were both very horny so it was time to get prepared for fucking!

Once I was in, we started in mish and after a few minutes we were interrupted by a girl speaking chinese (of course). This room shares a bathroom with another room, and the second rooms door gets locked from the bathroom side each time to ensure nothing embarrassing occurs. Well, it seems Cindy had forgotten to unlock it so I had to remove myself from deep in her wet pussy whilst she unlocked it.

Back to me with her apologies we fucked like rabbits in mish, and cowgirl, and I tell you what, this girl LOVES sex. She gets into it, she WANTS to fuck, she WANTS to fuck you and make you happy. She came at least once in cowgirl whilst riding me like a bucking bull. Always smiling, always looking like she wants to be there. And so did I!

Even though it had been a week, I was a little tired and wasn’t finding myself as sensitive as I would have expected so decided to try doggy which has been working for me lately. Once in doggy I grabbed her hips and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Soon enough I was building the then erupted pounding her wet, willing pussy. My god, my weeks worth kept going and going and going. I wondered when this eruption was going to end! Thank god it wasn’t in her mouth she would have drowned!

A shower and a lay down and quick massage. What I learnt from this is that Cindys expertise is absolutely between her legs, not at the end of her arms. Her massage is shit. But when you fuck like a beast you don’t really need to know how to massage.

I was very keen on finding a girl who not only was lovely but also knew how to please a man and I have found it with Cindy at Pritchard. I hope she is here for a long time but I’m tempted to say you should get in quick, she is one of the most awesome fucks you will get for $110. I tipped her $40 to round it up to $150 which is much more appropriate.

Will I see Cindy again? FUCK YEAH!!! I hope to ASAP.

And thanks Pete, keep it up, so to speak!

Tx Jilamn



by trashhammer » Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:41 pm

Chinese/Taiwanese girl Cindy , very attentive, started off with kissing and sensual slow touching , which graduated to a nice soft ball lick , then shaft. Enough, enough. I want to fuck her and doggie on edge of bed so I could stand and view her but.
Pale skin , no tats, real c-cups and she loves nipples licked and and sucked as she glided back and forwards in cowgirl. just let her enjoy herself , then back for flat doggie finish . some massage from Cindy was a nice touch too. after I was out of the shower , Cindy dried me down and dressed me. Very sweet nature, would definitely suit old school type customer that like affectionate and attentive care.
tx trashhammer


By Lalobahn
Person’s Name : SunnyEstablishment : 19 Pritchard Place Peakhurst

Date of Visit : 9/10/14

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 19 Pritchard Place

Hours of Business : 10am till late

Rates $75 1/2 hr

Age : Early 20’s?

Size – Shape.. Size 6 to 8…B cups and a Korean Princess

Services Provided : CBJ, covered FS

Value for money/recommend? : @ $75 for 1/2 hr YES

Just WOW great girl and had a great time with Sunny early 20’s and is an absolute Korean cutie, I was sitting in the waiting room and out she comes in her pink dress and a huge smile says hello and leads me to the room, I take a quick shower and hop onto the bed she strips off and climbs in with me then gently squeezes my cock doms me up for cbj which was fine but i was more interested in what looked like a very neat and tight package between her legs which was nicely trimmed after cbj i wasn’t dissapointed i got on top and slowly entered her in mish she was tight and i just went for it till i blew my load her little pussy pulsing on my cock in tiny spasms after i had finished, I just lay there on top of her and she was grinning from ear to ear her hair flowing on the pillow damn what a great site having this princess underneath me, She cleaned me up and we just lay there for a few mins till time was just about up, Had a quick shower and headed off into the sunset a very happy boy definately worth an hr booking next time and i’ll be back.

Tx Lalobahn
By Vromiaris
Sunny – yummy
Hi all dropped into 19 yesterday for a look at the new talent.
Peter said come back in 20 minutes as I have a treat for you.
So I did.
Sunny came out and as per the description she is young, firm body even though she looks like she may have pushed one out w perky breasts.
I need to say I felt like I was about to bang someone’s teenage daughter… She looks so young and so innocent w a sheepish smile.
Sunny was unhurried, gfe , cbj and eager to please. She doesn’t have her pic posted and nor will she but if you are in the area you should/ must go have a look.
Unhurried easy service w an innocent looking girl. I should have suggested to the papasan to dress her up as a school girl she could pass for one.
Most importantly return factor is a yes… Just because I’m a dirty old lecher w school girl fantasies….
Before you remind me of Anni, in her school girl outfit as per photos… Annis porn star build is a different thing altogether. This is the forbidden fruit thing .
Tx Vromiaris.

Sunny review

Postby trashhammer » Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:38 pm

Just did a half hour quickie with Sunny, my fave little Korean heartbreaker on the southside for sure.
She was in pink corset/tutu outfit so asked her to leave it on for the ballerina look, top pulled down.
Good ball tickle and stroke as she flicked her tongue across my nipple. Very cute face to watch. Cbj done well ( didn’t ask for bbbj as didn’t want to break the spell).
In cowgirl , her riding in tutu was so good , had to hold back 2 or 3 times. Too good, changed to doggie, then back to cg , back again to doggie. gave up tryin to hold back , Sunny squeaking and moaning , blew the lot, a 5 day backload, she felt it alright.Had 5mins left , so gave her clit a gentle stroking and licked her nipples, til she came gracefully , with little squeals and spasms, all real nothing faked.
Warning! Addictive AND popular , so make a booking . Sat and Tues at moment. petite and fun girl.
Tx Trashammer
Sunny – decent punt with a nice girl by smartghost
Person’s Name : Sunny

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place

Date of Visit : 13/11/2014 – 9PM

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :19 Pritchard place, Peakhurst – 9533 2025

Hours of Business : 10am till 10pm I think –

Rates : $110 an hour, I opted $75 for 30mins

Age : 26 asked and confirmed!

Size/shape : B cup, slim

Nationality or Ethnicity : Korean

Services Provided : GFE, FS, CBJ

Value for money/recommend? : Yes as I was super horny and she was young and slim.

My experience/comments :

I’ve read few a reviews on this place before and most of them seems pretty good, but I have had a bad experience at this place before-the last visit was a dud punt 30yo+ wl looked like a man, fake moans. I guess it was my fault since I went at the last 30mins lol

Anyway I saw Sunny on Thursday night around 9PM. I had to wait in the waiting room for her for about 10-15mins as she was finishing up with another client and I could hear them through the walls from the waiting room.

When I saw her I was like “wow!, heaps better than the last girl I saw at this place!” hahaha. She was wearing a yellow mini skirt, black heels and a yellow top with black bras.

In the shower I went and she was just sitting in the on the bed waiting for me. I finished shower and she took off her clothes. Her boobs were a B-C cup. Being a boob man I was hoping for Ds but What can I do. She was very hairy down below which kinda is a turn off for me, but I didnt care as I was so horny.

Started off with her just laying next to me which was a nice touch of GFE I guess. That went for about 5 mins and on with the dom. CBJ was okay, nothing special. Then she hopped on for cowgirl– she was quite tight for someone who had just finished with a client. This went for for about 5mins and she said “you top now”. I didn’t feel like going on top so i opted for doggie so I could stare at that nice arse while I enter her. I blew my load inside her after 5mins. She cleaned me up and we just layed there.

Sunny doesn’t speak much english so it’s hard to communication, but we did have a laugh at certain topics. She is a friendly girl and has a nice smile. I guess she was just tired as I was her last client.

Cons: hairy, minimal english
Pros, friendly, slim and cute.


Tx Smartghost




Person’s Name : Lili

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place,

Date of Visit : 3 September

Contact Details/Address/Weblink

Hours of Business : 10am until late

Rates : $100/hour First Birthday Special (Normal Price $140)

Age : 20’s

Size/shape : Very pretty, slim, diminutive

Nationality or Ethnicity : China

Services Provided : FS, CBJ, Light kissing

Value for money/recommend? : Yes.

Well after much soul searching I deserted Taren Point to take advantage of the $100 birthday special, can’t even get a massage with nude happy ending and a grope for that. Also I noticed in their schedule Angel was rostered on, her AR said she was fireworks, just what I felt like. So suspecting that she would be popular I rang up in the morning and made a booking, well I tried to make a booking, wasn’t quite sure if I had or not. Anyways, come the appointed time I rock up to Pritchard Place and am greeted at the door by the Pappasan. He informs me that Angel is sick, on the rag I think. Hmmmmfff, well who is available? So I sit down in the reception area and he yells, all girls out. So there were three, Judy, Lili and Mona who appeared, smiled and promptly disappeared. For some reason of which I cannot be sure, number 2, Lili was the one who impressed. Pappasan showed me to Lili’s room and I noticed there was not any shower, but there was a second door which I opened and found a spar bath with shower. That looked good, but I think it would be something you would have to book or plan for a 2 hour session with Champers. Not having planned on the spa I quickly had a shower and made sure the essentials were squeaky clean so as not to waste time.

I went back into the room and Lili was taking off her hooker shoes and instantly shrunk 15cm, she was quite tiny. While I was drying she took of her diminutive costume and wrapped herself in a towel, I thought she was going to have a shower, but she didn’t she got onto the bed and and opened the towel as if inviting me into her tent to share her body. She was small, delicate arms and and legs and a slim nicely proportioned body and a pretty face, no big tits, check out Mona for that fantasy. English was not Lili’s strong point, the only word I think she knew was Sankyo. Conversation was not on the menu, so we started to touch and explore each other’s body, just familiarising ourselves with the lay of the land, there was a bit of fake sexy noises which I always find bemusing, and slightly annoying. Lili had a small tuft of quite luxuriant hair, surprisingly luxuriant, and a neat little pussy. Since DATY was off the menu the hair did not worry me, luckily because I had forgotten my toothpicks.
We spent some time kissing and licking each other’s bodies, paying due attention to nipples, nape of the neck and ears. Then Lili went down on me for a condom BJ, which I find a bit of a waste of time because of the the lack of sensitivity of my penis when covered in latex. I would much prefer some other, naked penis, outside play. After a while we progressed to the sex bit, I was a little worried that Lili would not be able to handle my massive manhood (sic). So we started in Mish, and I allowed her to control my entry, so that she could allow her muscles to relax and allow me to slide into her slowly. I went all the way in, deep into her belly and could not feel the end. Then slowly I withdrew, it always feels like the withdrawal is much longer than the penetration, don’t know why. During the foreplay Lili’s sounds had changed from fake to genuine, this continued with the sex. We did a number of positions, she enjoyed riding my pole in cowgirl position, I got her to ride side-saddle and brought my leg up so she could put her arms around my knee and grind herself on my leg.

I think all in all she came 3 or 4 times and seemed to enjoy the session, I certainly enjoyed seeing this beautiful lady pleasuring herself on my manhood. We came together 15 minutes before full time, and lay down for a few minutes, she kept playing with my old fella which kept me hard so I thought perhaps we could fit in one more before full time, we tried missionary with her legs squeezed together so I could get more feel through the latex, but after a short while it was obvious I wouldn’t be able to come so I grabbed a towel and used it to cool Lili down as we were both a little sweaty.

So, all in all a nice GF experience from a young lady willing to please in her own sweet way, not mind blowing alphabet soup sex with all of the Karma Sutra, including appendices. But pleasant, and with the added bonus of not having to talk crap, well at least not until I study Mandarin.

Tx Boney


Re: Lili review

Postby trashhammer » Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:57 am

First time I had tried lili myself, attractive milf age , but no kids and well kept body, like a lot of Chinese ladies , has flawless smooth skin, pale , no tatts, real breasts holding up well, nice rounded butt to hammer. Good personality , and best of all… loves cock. My god this girl can go and reacts really well to a punishing pounding. AND gives one of the best BJ’s on south side of Sydney, An artist at work on your cock and balls, all angles, wets your pole with saliva , double handed twisting on rod as she licks feverishly and devours your balls. let her do 15 mins of that … just too good to be able to tell her to stop, nearly blew the load several times during her oral session.
God into some real heaving, relentless pounding of each other. Finally at 28 min mark ,, let her have it and collapsed, my heart racing, had to take long breaths , and hold it . Man , she took me to my limit. Not a drop left in my , I thought.
Great lady , all real body , no tatts. Total value for money , so I can see why she has so many regulars. Girls who can suck and tickle balls like that a far and few between. Def in my top 5 BJ girls of the year so far.What with Sunny ( ex-Narwee who I saw last time) cute as a button in her figure hugging little black dress with pink hearts on it, Sophie and Lili on, all on Saturday, you really couldn’t lose.
And for $70 a throw,, if you had the cash , worth making it a hat-trick…then you’d be right for the week LOL.
I would do ’em separately though as they have individually their own special little thing going on , which for me, requires undivided attention.
However, the thoughtof the 2 vixens, Lili and Sophia sucking on my cock and balls as little sweet Korean Sunny riding my face , a somewhat appealing proposition : )

Tx Trashhammer


Jessie by Vromiaris

I visited Jessie on Saturday morning. 30plus, 160cm C cups size 8.

Jessie speaks prefect English I would say and she has a very positive attitude.

Overall a good punt as she likes her job and she seems to have it down pat.

Jessie doesn’t have any special tricks in her bag apart from a fun attitude which more than a lot of girls these days.

If you are in the area worth while saying hello!

Tx Vromiaris.


Jessie by SeaRay

The SeaRay visited 19 Pritchard Place for the first time today and spent an hour with JESSIE who has great Breasts with nice large dark Areolas and a trimmed Bush on top at shaved / waxed underneath… I was surprised with this Brothel which has small compact rooms with under floor heating which was a welcome relief on such a cold Winters day

Tx SeaRay


Juicy Lucy Pussy by Boney

Person’s Name : Lucy

Days Worked : Monday

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place, Peakhurst

Date of Visit : Oct 2013

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Hours of Business : 10am until late

Rates : $100/hour

Age : mid to Late 20’s

Size/shape : Short and a bit stocky, but not at all fat

Nationality or Ethnicity : China/Korean

Services Provided : BBBJ, DFK, FS, Erotic massage, DATY

Value for money/recommend? : Yes.

A hot Monday afternoon, time for a punt, a few cars in the parking area so I am hoping I will not be disappointed or have to wait. A ring of the doorbell and pappasan appears, “Hello my friend I have a nice girl for you”. He shows me to the room with the spa bath, I start to disrobe, nice and cool in here with the aircon. Very soon I hear the clunk of feet approaching up the hall way, then Lucy opens the door and introduces herself, nice eye makeup with a touch of glitter to add a touch of sparkle to her eyes , we do the money thing and then I am off to the shower looking forward to spending some time with Lucy and seeing what she has to offer.

Lucy wants me to lie face down for some massage and cat bath but I am not in mood for this today, she seems a little nervous so I tell her to relax and take our time. Too hot outside to hurry, she seems keen to get down to business but I want to take it slow and gently meander through those exquisite feelings that come from the act of love making. Lucy likes kissing so we indulge ourselves a little with some playful light kissing, I try to keep a bit of distance for 2 reasons, firstly because it is stinking hot outside and I am not yet ready to start getting hot and sweaty again, and also, to make the small contacts that our bodies and hands make with each other even more delightful and elusive.

We spend some time exploring and lightly touching, a bit of light kissing and body contact. Lucy is starting to purr and wants to suck little Mister Boney, this was very nice and delightfully teasing, sending electric shudders through my body. I got her to lie on her side so that I could return the favour and explore her little garden, the soil was nice and moist. Eventually we progressed to the main course, Lucy was very tight, she is such a small lady and Little Mister Boney has been working out lately so he is bulked up. I introduce him very slowly, stopping regularly so that Lucy can let her muscles relax. Once in the fit is perfect. From time to time I can feel contractions of Lucy’s muscles, we try various positions, Lucy enjoys cowgirl and comes rather quickly, she asks what I am doing? I say “Fucking Lucy Pussy”. She says “No, Making Love” soon the end of the hour time approaches and it is time for me to finish off, shooting my load deep inside of Lucy’s belly, I withdraw and Lucy takes off my condom and cleans up. She finishes off by giving me a few minutes massage while I lie on my back, usually there is only one thing that gets massaged when I am on my back, but Lucy has skills to massage other parts of my anatomy. Too soon the time is over, I shower and back into the heat of another Sydney day, with the smell of bush fires in the air.

Tx Boney


By hotwheels1072

Person’s Name : Bella

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place Peakhurst

Date of Visit : 1/3/14

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Hours of Business : 10am till late

Rates : as per the roster page….great value for the money.

Age : Mid 30’s?

Size/shape : attractive for her age.. slim body…B cups and enthusiastic personality

Nationality or Ethnicity :MLC

Services Provided : BBBJ, DATY,covered FS

Value for money/recommend? : YES

Experience / Comments

Several years ago I visited Pritchard Place…..found it not only somewhat rundown but the girls and management didn’t really inspire a return visit.
However, due to my regular returning to China for 2 months on holiday and seeing favourable reports of good things (not to mention the cheap hourly rates) at this shop I thought it might be time for a return visit….
What I found impressed me very much…
Met at the door by the boss (Peter) who comes across as a straight shooting, easy going kinda guy…..he asks me in and tells me that all the girls are busy right now and apologises because the first available (Bella) won’t be finished for 30 min or so……no matter, we start to talk and end up discussing all manner of stuff….mutual interests, this forum, the state of the industry people, we know in common….it’s indeed a small world…
At the rates they advertise, I’m not expecting Lucy Liu…..but after thirty minutes seems to fly past…. Bella appears…..much easier on the eye than I thought she’d be….
I take the one hour option and am led to a smallish room across the hall….
Can I shower?…no worries and she opens the door to a bathroom bigger than the bedroom with a four seater spa and ensuite ….very well laid out.
Pump soap, clean linen and quite a nice ambience all round….a vast improvement over my last visit..
Bella is mid 30’s and fun to be with….especially if you have a gentle touch and she warms to you…loves to cuddle and run her hands over you..
Proceedings kicked off with excellent bbbj followed by DATY which was also very good (read fresh)….then on to cowgirl,mish,doggy and almost any other possie you can think of before hitting the shower with me…..she likes to please and mix it up a little…doesn’t mind a chat but won’t chew your ear off like many others…
I’ll be spending more time wth Bella….…she works Saturdays and Thursdays but check the roster first…..
This place has transformed heaps since my last visit….lots of work gone on, girls seem great and price is definately right….you’d be crazy not to take advantage while this lasts…..I will indeed be back…

Tx hotwheels1072


by tyrekicker » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:54 pm

My first visit ever to this place. Small 3 room op, tidy ,clean , freshly painted, new showers, and glad to see ducted air-con. Room 20 C, good for me.

Sophia, Chinese 27yo, pretty face, no tats, a non-smoker : )  and no baby yet so no marks, big bust for a little 5’2″ girl, and most gorgeous fresh little pink pussy I have seen in a while, real teenager stuff. Her English so-so so but good enough to get by, nice pale skin, slim size 8, she said 48kg. She showered with me before and after which was nice. She is a little bit fiery as you wind her up, but I was a bit tired and was there for just a nice relaxing release. Sophia is kind of gfe too, so that fitted my mood. Nice girl, nice nature. Not hardened hooker type at all.


return for more with Sophia by old fat man13/12/13

I spent a pleasant hour with Sophia the first time I visited Pritchard Place.
Returned to see Cici a week later, then the following Friday I returned with the hope of seeing Ice.

Alas ice was booked for 2 hours, I asked papas an if Sophia was available, yes in 10 mins was his reply.
I waited for about 10 mins in the waiting room, sitting watching TV. There was a disgruntled punter having a disagreement
with the papasan during this time, I decided to tune out, not my business. I was surprised how this affected me, took the edge of the punt
initially, of course that passed quickly as a scantily dressed lady passed through the waiting room, turned out to be Ice,

I expressed my approval of Ice to papas an and he shook my hand, simultaneously assisting me out of the chair and escorted me into a room.
he apologised for the disagreement and I paid for the hour and showered, Sophia greeted me with a towel as I emerged from the shower, she had already showered. Upon returning to the room Sophia was very friendly and remembered our previous sessions.

We caressed each other and re-explored each other, then she started a slow deep blowjob, It took all I had not to blow, then Sophie said, “I fuck you
or you fuck me”? I said you fuck me. She climbed on top cowgirl style, grinding slightly faster and faster, I braced my feet on the bed and bent my knees,
lifted my arse and Sophia off the bed and slammed into her as hard and fast as I could until I exploded into her, then collapsed back onto the bed, Sophia continued to grind away slowly as she slapped me on the chest saying,” you fucked me, not me fuck you” I could do nothing but laugh and she joined me.

Sophia massaged me for a short while then I said I would have a shower she reminded me I had 5 mins left we caressed for a couple of minutes then showered.

This place has been a value punt every time I have visited, my expectations are I will get a budget punt with budget WLs, my reality has been good value for
money that seems to improve with familiarity.

Tx old fat man.


Unread postby datmandoo » Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:59 pm

Great to get a session with my fave foxy little milf. This girls oral skill up there with the best of the girls that come thru this shop. Cute little booty nice natural b+ cups. naughty face , petite.
After a good bout of sucking , like 15 mins, I got who to get on top for some cowgirl, some sitting upright . some hunched over, grabbed her little cheeks and pounded up into her. Then she took me by surprise with her slow reverse cowgirl. The sight and feel of that little butt, sliding up and down the pole, too much. I had to make a decision. I had to stop her fast if I wanted yo pound her in mish, doggie etc….but it just looked so right and felt so good slow like that, I had to just cup her butt cheeks and let her take me out. watched in awe as she just drew every prop outa me in about 5 or 6 heavy shot. asked he to keep gently sliding on the pole for a while longer , while I just contemplated what Sophia had just done….blown me off in just cowgirl. never happened be fore lol.
Had 5 mins to spare , so just got her too lie on her tummy and I covered her back , legs and booty with butterfly kisses, which she enjoyed ( a rest appreciated I guess lol).
A good little girl and value for money IMHO. well done Sophia.

Tx datmandoo

Postby trashhammer » Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:28 am

Sophia , on Saturday, Chinese and slimmer than pics make out, and cutest little bottom, I call her the “Silk Tornado”. Fabulous bj to start , and she makes all the nice squealing noise I like as she rides in cowgirl. Delightful well kept figure , shiny glassy smooth skin. All real, all good : P
I only had energy for 4 positions , cos I had just tried Lili for first time , an hour before. But sitting around yacking to boss after Lili , I think I saw Sophia’s little butt wiggle past , just one too many times, then had to book her.
She has a foxy , cheeky little face , and is a severe flirt, so I was gone.Sophia had plenty of get up and go in her , so it was an effortless cum for me, cant fault her. Great little rocket , always tries her best , think I saw her a year ago, same good skills then.
Tx Trashhammer



Kim big tits milf

by aznonazn » Mon Aug 11, 2014 7:57 pm

Visited this place today Monday 11th august, this place starting to become my regular visiting place now. I mean you hardly get a dud root here, cheap price and ok looking ladies. Before I went I looked up the roster and it says that there’s a new girl Kim starting today and I was keen to see her. Ring the bell and was shown to the room by the boss and you don’t really choose in this “turn by turn” place unless you’re really not happy with their choice.In comes Kim wearing a corset with those DD tits showing wow, handed her $100 for the hour and took a quick shower as she went to give the money to boss and get me a towel. Ok so Kim wasn’t really talkative as her English was limited and I’m always a pretty quite person with someone I just met, about 5’5, a bit chubby but not fat which you won’t see in her normal clothes, in her mid 30s and pretty attractive face. She came back with towels and I dried myself while she took off her bra and wow those tits a DD hanging down with a suckable nipples, but she did not take off her whole corset. I sat down on the bed before I could even lay down she already start sucking my nipples and giving me a tongue bath with a lot of kissing all over my body. Ok just something you should look pass is she uses a lot of tissues and wet tissues a lot of wiping as she’s a bit of clean freak but if you look through it you will be satisfied.

Now she was kissing all over my body back to nipple then more kissing while wiping my dick with wet ones on my left hand side and while I was doing that I’m rubbing her clit through her panties which I can feel that it was getting abit damp. She realises that she was getting wet so she took off her whole corset and starts sucking my dick while still on my left hand side, one of the best bbbj with a lot of ball licking. While the bj I was rubbing her now uncovered pussy and clit and yup she was wet. 10 minutes of this and I told her to lay down while I work on those massive juicy jugs of hers and working my way down for some daty on her cleanly shaven pussy. She wasn’t really responsive at first but all i need to do is find her g-spot and bam I found it 10 minutes later she was on the brinks as she was arching her back and putting her hand on my head pulling me deeper to her pussy and she fucking screamed lol as she came. She changed to a completely different person after she came, remember I said she was quite well now she was saying “fuck yes”, “come fuck me now”, “fuck you’re very good” and more fuck lol well that’s the effect I guess. On with the dom she rode me like a maniac as she was so wet horny then told me come change, so I went on top and I was fucking her fast and hard a lot of loud moaning from her so I went in slower but deeper which tick her to come again. Moved to doggy pump her to completion, I came and was happy. Looked at the time it’s been 45mins since the session start, Kim cleaned me up and more tissues lol also wet ones then she went to the shower first as she was wet with her juice while I lay down to catch my breath. After I showered she came up gave me a kiss on my lip and I dressed, I know I still got at least 5 to 10 mins left but I find spending inside with a WL who’s English is limited is a bit awkward so I left. While walking me out she was so cling like she just fallen in love with me lol maybe she have not come in a long time lol.

So Kim big tits, in her mid 30s, shaved pussy which is rare in this place as most of the girls got hair, chubby but not fat let’s say size 10ish and over all service 8/10. Make her come and her inner pornstar will show.