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Yu Lee Review

by datmandoo » Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:36 pm

Was on the the way out the door after seeing  Lexy and Yu Lee (she spells it Uly or something like that?), any way she is great. Nice body pretty face , mid 20’s  size 8 , sexy ass and cheeky naughty flirty type . Oh well, what the hell. A friend slipped me a Cialis (tadalophil) the other day and i popped it an hour before i got to shop. Fuck those things work alright : )


So, decided to make it a hatrick and took 30mins with Yu Lee to round out the afternoon visit. This girl is strong, fun sexy and full of energy, great personality. Mother fucker of a cbj, ball licking, ass tickle. She had all the tricks going on and the pill kicked in again and Yu Lee took full advantage of the rigid fun pole, cow-girling herself to some mighty good moments for her. After that show I want to just pound the hell outa that bootie. Great sex, she is a really wildcat in the cot, likes a spank and a real brisk time in a lotta positions. 20 min mark and the rod was still going fine, but my general body energy stating to wain, so gave her a final super fun rutting in side-saddle doggie and then collapsed before finishing, so Yu Lee slipped the dom off me, lubed the rod for hand job, while at same time gave me hell of a ball licking, looking up at me , groaning and growling like a little tigress on heat. To return favour , gave her my very best daty, and boy does she love that. Holds your head where she likes it and cums nice and strong. She was very appreciative of the last effort i had left in me (daty for her desert) Wow ..like to see this girl when i am fresh next time. A good deal more to explore. Good visit , 3 girls , all different and all cute and sexy. A win-win-win situation……Now what the hell do i do  for rest of my Saturday night. ? How can you beat that ?