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Sue Review

by trashhammer » Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:39 pm


Wow! Never had a “Korean” girl like this one. Name Sue, think Koreans spell it just “Su” Soft sensual gfe type. Gorgeous perfectly padded body , bootie and b-cup breasts superb. Sweet face, 22YO and all that, but the vibe was the killer. Soft long cbj and ball tickle sent me into the clouds. Told her she was my special KAL hostess girl who was putting me on cloud nine, and she came up for air, and giggled in an adorable way. A really different sexy slow bj style that knocked me out, for a full 15 mins, so good I couldn’t bare to stop her. Kind of girl you can just lie yourself back like a starfish and let her go for  it, knowing everything is gonna do to your tackle, you are gonna love and you can trust her never to even feel a hint of tooth, as she twists slides her mouth on you in about every angle you can imagine. She treasures your cock , like it is her favourite little pet and showers it with love and playful affection. Breathtaking exp for me just to watch her, let alone the feeling.


After 15 mins of bj, I just had to have impaled on the rod. Cowgirl started very slow, her hunched over me, her breathing into my ear, I could feel her getting deep into the pleasure zone and her back beginning to sweat, just totally let her do her on thing, and it was great. Finally got into more positions, but it didn’t really matter which one, it was all so dreamlike I didn’t care, til I took her in side-saddle and went friggin’ crazy on her ass, and we came together. She said that was unusual for her and she really enjoyed that orgasm and THANKED me. What a sweetie.


It might be because i just let her please herself most of the time in the sex bit, seemed to make her feel very relaxed. Really nice-nice-nice girl. Even though cbj only, don’t underestimate what this girl can do with her mouth-feel. Heavenly stuff not encountered all that often for me. Love to do a full hour next visit for sure. A very different sort of girl you will remember fondly.