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Nana Review

Postby datmandoo » Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:37 pm

Nana is a Korean girl, good attitude , doesn’t work the usual Korean shops, says she is working on losing a few kg’s but I genuinely hope she doesn’t lose her full Latina type booty that is definitely, her starring asset for me. Athletic build. Nice shiny skin tone. Some sexy bj and she really gets into it, little growls and moans as she worked on me, added value : )  Once I was up , we got int to some fun slamming and banging away at each other, taking turns like a tag team, exhausting ourselves in turn. Damn that booty is a good fun thing to grab a hold of. Small bust, but all real, and Nana loves some attention to her nipples. You can feel the goose bumps on her back when you get it right, and her sounds nice too. Good romp, fun and powerful girl.

Postby datmandoo » Sun Jul 14, 2013 3:32 pm

Another top session with Nana. She is built like an athelete with super good booty size and shape, and the sex yesterday was an  Olympic standard effort from her. Even  when giving her my very best, and every ounce of energy, she still called out for “More and harder”. I was well rested and charged up with V drink this time, but still couldn’t out-fuck this Korean sex athlete. Don’t dismiss this girl cos she ain’t the usual Korean stick-doll figure, she is awesome in the cot and deserves booty whorship. And man, can she move that thing.
A lot fun was had in 45 min and I required 15mins more on the couch after, before I could safely drive. Boss gave me Coke while he was teasing Nana , ” Nana. What did you do to this guy ? He’s wrecked, cant even walk to his car!” She is off on hols in 2 weeks , hope i can fit in one more training session with Nana. Her being the trainer