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Lexy Review

by datmandoo » Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:22 pm


Lexy just started today and she is a Hong Kong petite girl slim size 8 with cheeky pussycat eyes and fine arched eyebrows, tanned skin , no tats , great little figure, cute as face and smile. CBj really well done, i didn’t ask for extras, light kissing, general gorgeous vibe. Tickled the jewels and stroked me till i was half insane, then into cowgirl  and Lexy was off like a little tiger, growling and groaning her way to what seemed to be a nice intense orgasm.


Standing doggie in front of mirror too good (OMG the legs and little butt) and i lost the load. So snug and good feel, seemed like i came 2 times in a row. We lay down on the bed and Lexy cuddled up on my chest like a kitten and stroked and lightly scratched the jewels. So good, I felt like booking another half hour with her. But saw a racked up dolly in the hallway before and decided to book her after a coke and rest watching some tv in the waiting lounge.


Would definitely like to see Lexy again . A very enjoyable 30 mins : )  She’s on til 11 tonite and for $85 good value AND cute, age mid 20’s. Oh yea she loved daty after sex and genuinely came too, shaved cute little rig, which is super sensitive in a good way.