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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place



By doggie style

ICE Review ( the Virgin in the industry)

I happen to be one of the lucky ones to be with this gorgeous girl.. she was 21 and her name simply does not match her warmth .

she admittedly apologized that it was her first day and she was incredibly shy and she was not sure what to do.. like a gf on her first date..

so i motioned her to relaxed and after taking a shower i gestured her to remove her clothing and she blushingly obliged.

At first i did not know what to expect but good god ! she had a killer body , tits that fall nicely and flawless skin to match .. no blemish . she had a nice rounded ass and she had all the right proportions in place..

Very hard to fault this lovely lady but only in experience.. where in time i know she will be a rocket! she mentioned she loves to dance so use your imaginations guys!

as i happily caressed this goddess body . and slowly guided myself to enter her.. she was soo tight.. a few moans and groans later , turned in to delight sounds. she had great PC muscles control down there.
30min was simply not enough so i opted to go for the whole hr.. It was that good gentlemen.. is

Highly recommend her to all punters.. a must have experience!!