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 trashhammer » Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:42 pm I am having a week of taking on really strong looking girls who are like a challenge for me , as opposed frightened little frail rabbits or quick movoing cheetahs, i usually pick. Got one lined for Thurs somewhere else, but today found one at this place. […]


By doggie style ICE Review ( the Virgin in the industry) I happen to be one of the lucky ones to be with this gorgeous girl.. she was 21 and her name simply does not match her warmth . she admittedly apologized that it was her first day and she was incredibly shy and she […]


Well another great day in Sydney, bit of rain but what is that between friends, sees me rock off to Pritchard Place.


Jessica & Viki @ 19Pritchard Now wwwhhhooooaaaa there bro’s..stop thinking tandems … this is 2 separate ARs..just forgot to post previous… so had a couple of very ordinary punts at this establishment earlier in year which I posted (Susan & Vivianne) …. and shied away for a while but the prices and locale lured me […]