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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place



Jessica & Viki @ 19Pritchard

Now wwwhhhooooaaaa there bro’s..stop thinking tandems … this is 2 separate ARs..just forgot to post previous…
so had a couple of very ordinary punts at this establishment earlier in year which I posted (Susan & Vivianne) …. and shied away for a while but the prices and locale lured me back a while back and opted for Jessica … big difference in service … very nice experience… BBBJ, DATY, FS … nice GFE … had long hair with a washed out perm that just screamed 80s but that was kinda cute… anyway, it was a month or so back now so my memory’s a bit blurred but definitely re-instated Pritchard on my radar. So recently, Pritchard has advertised a week special for their birthday … I spoke with owner but didnt understand whether the establishment was one year old or just him as owner… anyway it’s a good deal while it lasts.. so there were 2 girls presented..Viki and Judy … both OK looking…. Judy was quite short but had a bubbly personality… looked like she would be quite flirty & frisky  ..well, upfront anyway … Viki was taller (not tall) and had a very Girl Next Door aura about her … I remembered her from the website but the photo on the website is not real flattering showing just torso in full nothing outstanding … but Viki in real life is quite attractive in the GND way… so I opt for Viki and it soon becomes apparent that I am about to receive something I have failed to get from recent punting experiences … CONVERSATION.. yes, this girl has impeccable english, having been in Oz for some time now … originally from KL Malaysia but I am embarassed that at first introductions I was greeting, as I become used to, with ingrish… she musta thought..’you moron, I speak need to baby talk in monosyllables’ anyway, the overall punt was exquisite… very different to previous… Viki was very sensual… catbath, ball licking, massage, BBBJ, repeat cbj, FS plus…. not all in that order I like to try different establishments and girls, esp. at the bigger places like Taren & Carlton BUT for Viki I might break that policy and return .. I left Pritchard in total bliss… not so much for the physical relax BUT more that I had nice conversation, a sensual GFE unrushed, and felt Viki and I were in that zone where the outsideworld doenst exist for a while…. anyway half an hour later I was back at work and reality check
so Viki and Jessica both highly recommended … but if ur after hot raunchy PSE with drop dead gorgeous models ..maybe not …. these 2 were, for me, much better in the GFE department BTW, speaking of hot previous visits were in winter and this place gets mighty stuffy after serious punting but I notice now as summer hits they have really efficient air cond running in the rooms…. good one!!!!