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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place



By Lalobahn
Person’s Name : SunnyEstablishment : 19 Pritchard Place Peakhurst

Date of Visit : 9/10/14

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 19 Pritchard Place

Hours of Business : 10am till late

Rates $75 1/2 hr

Age : Early 20’s?

Size – Shape.. Size 6 to 8…B cups and a Korean Princess

Services Provided : CBJ, covered FS

Value for money/recommend? : @ $75 for 1/2 hr YES

Just WOW great girl and had a great time with Sunny early 20’s and is an absolute Korean cutie, I was sitting in the waiting room and out she comes in her pink dress and a huge smile says hello and leads me to the room, I take a quick shower and hop onto the bed she strips off and climbs in with me then gently squeezes my cock doms me up for cbj which was fine but i was more interested in what looked like a very neat and tight package between her legs which was nicely trimmed after cbj i wasn’t dissapointed i got on top and slowly entered her in mish she was tight and i just went for it till i blew my load her little pussy pulsing on my cock in tiny spasms after i had finished, I just lay there on top of her and she was grinning from ear to ear her hair flowing on the pillow damn what a great site having this princess underneath me, She cleaned me up and we just lay there for a few mins till time was just about up, Had a quick shower and headed off into the sunset a very happy boy definately worth an hr booking next time and i’ll be back.

Tx Lalobahn
By Vromiaris
Sunny – yummy
Hi all dropped into 19 yesterday for a look at the new talent.
Peter said come back in 20 minutes as I have a treat for you.
So I did.
Sunny came out and as per the description she is young, firm body even though she looks like she may have pushed one out w perky breasts.
I need to say I felt like I was about to bang someone’s teenage daughter… She looks so young and so innocent w a sheepish smile.
Sunny was unhurried, gfe , cbj and eager to please. She doesn’t have her pic posted and nor will she but if you are in the area you should/ must go have a look.
Unhurried easy service w an innocent looking girl. I should have suggested to the papasan to dress her up as a school girl she could pass for one.
Most importantly return factor is a yes… Just because I’m a dirty old lecher w school girl fantasies….
Before you remind me of Anni, in her school girl outfit as per photos… Annis porn star build is a different thing altogether. This is the forbidden fruit thing .
Tx Vromiaris.

Sunny review

Postby trashhammer » Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:38 pm

Just did a half hour quickie with Sunny, my fave little Korean heartbreaker on the southside for sure.
She was in pink corset/tutu outfit so asked her to leave it on for the ballerina look, top pulled down.
Good ball tickle and stroke as she flicked her tongue across my nipple. Very cute face to watch. Cbj done well ( didn’t ask for bbbj as didn’t want to break the spell).
In cowgirl , her riding in tutu was so good , had to hold back 2 or 3 times. Too good, changed to doggie, then back to cg , back again to doggie. gave up tryin to hold back , Sunny squeaking and moaning , blew the lot, a 5 day backload, she felt it alright.Had 5mins left , so gave her clit a gentle stroking and licked her nipples, til she came gracefully , with little squeals and spasms, all real nothing faked.
Warning! Addictive AND popular , so make a booking . Sat and Tues at moment. petite and fun girl.
Tx Trashammer
Sunny – decent punt with a nice girl by smartghost
Person’s Name : Sunny

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place

Date of Visit : 13/11/2014 – 9PM

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :19 Pritchard place, Peakhurst – 9533 2025

Hours of Business : 10am till 10pm I think –

Rates : $110 an hour, I opted $75 for 30mins

Age : 26 asked and confirmed!

Size/shape : B cup, slim

Nationality or Ethnicity : Korean

Services Provided : GFE, FS, CBJ

Value for money/recommend? : Yes as I was super horny and she was young and slim.

My experience/comments :

I’ve read few a reviews on this place before and most of them seems pretty good, but I have had a bad experience at this place before-the last visit was a dud punt 30yo+ wl looked like a man, fake moans. I guess it was my fault since I went at the last 30mins lol

Anyway I saw Sunny on Thursday night around 9PM. I had to wait in the waiting room for her for about 10-15mins as she was finishing up with another client and I could hear them through the walls from the waiting room.

When I saw her I was like “wow!, heaps better than the last girl I saw at this place!” hahaha. She was wearing a yellow mini skirt, black heels and a yellow top with black bras.

In the shower I went and she was just sitting in the on the bed waiting for me. I finished shower and she took off her clothes. Her boobs were a B-C cup. Being a boob man I was hoping for Ds but What can I do. She was very hairy down below which kinda is a turn off for me, but I didnt care as I was so horny.

Started off with her just laying next to me which was a nice touch of GFE I guess. That went for about 5 mins and on with the dom. CBJ was okay, nothing special. Then she hopped on for cowgirl– she was quite tight for someone who had just finished with a client. This went for for about 5mins and she said “you top now”. I didn’t feel like going on top so i opted for doggie so I could stare at that nice arse while I enter her. I blew my load inside her after 5mins. She cleaned me up and we just layed there.

Sunny doesn’t speak much english so it’s hard to communication, but we did have a laugh at certain topics. She is a friendly girl and has a nice smile. I guess she was just tired as I was her last client.

Cons: hairy, minimal english
Pros, friendly, slim and cute.


Tx Smartghost