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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place




By Boney

Person’s Name : Sophie

Days Worked : Friday

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place, Peakhurst

Date of Visit : Jan 2014

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Hours of Business : 10am until late

Rates : $100/hour

Age : early 30 to mid 30’s

Size/shape : Slim

Nationality or Ethnicity : Singapore Chinese

Services Provided : BBBJ, DFK, DATY, FS

Value for money/recommend? : Yes/Yes.

Well, another New Year, year of the horse. Excellent two chances to make resolutions, two opportunities to break them. One of mine was to spend less money on punting, it lasted until nearly the end of January. So on this beautiful hot Sydney summers day I find myself in the car heading out to Peakhurst, I will only stay for one hour so it will only be $100 I tell myself. I had booked ahead for Sophie. Now that is Sophie, not Sophia who was also working that day, who though they should allow Sophie to call herself Sophie. Even pappasan was confused and asked me twice. After I arrive pappasan greets me at the door, he always takes your hand and kind of pulls you in, maybe in case someone may see you. Mind you he does it in a very soft way, but it feels insistent, sometimes he will help you out of the chair in a similar fashion.

So I get the room next to the spar bath, probably the best room in the place. Pappasan asks how long I want to stay? Sticking to my resolve I reply 1 hour, “are you sure, not 2 hours” he says, “Nope just 1 hour”. Anyhow as I am undressing Sophie appears at the door and comes in to sort out the finances, she is quite beautiful but I still insist on one hour. So off to the shower and clean off the sweat and grime from the day, my brief encounter with Sophie has whetted my appetite and I can feel my little brother starting to look forward to the afternoons entertainment. I dry off and settle myself on the bed, when Sophie returns she faffs around for a little while with her phone and eventually finds some soft Chinese music, so to start she removes her clothes and we start to gently dance naked together body to body, well as close as possible with my little brother getting rapidly more excited.

We started with a little bit of kissing which was spoiled a little by the taste of cigarettes which she must have had just before we started. I must remember to take my small bottle of Listerine to freshen up mouths before we start. Sophie is quite and oral girl and she loves to lick and suck, her cat bath was great and her BBBJ was fantastic, this little sex kitten has some tricks up her sleeve in the oral department that I haven’t come across before, so I won’t let on so that I won’t spoil the surprise. She is well worth a visit and in the end I was enjoying myself so much I ended up staying for an extra hour, Sophie came a number of times, I lost count (boast).

Sophie said that it was her first day at this shop, her English was pretty marginal so it was a bit hard to understand, Her massage skills were quite good and she was very definitely enthusiastic in the cot, some of her skills were surpising.

Now for the Chinese New Year resolutions.

Tx Boney