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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place



by tyrekicker » Thu Mar 28, 2013 9:54 pm

My first visit ever to this place. Small 3 room op, tidy ,clean , freshly painted, new showers, and glad to see ducted air-con. Room 20 C, good for me.

Sophia, Chinese 27yo, pretty face, no tats, a non-smoker : )  and no baby yet so no marks, big bust for a little 5’2″ girl, and most gorgeous fresh little pink pussy I have seen in a while, real teenager stuff. Her English so-so so but good enough to get by, nice pale skin, slim size 8, she said 48kg. She showered with me before and after which was nice. She is a little bit fiery as you wind her up, but I was a bit tired and was there for just a nice relaxing release. Sophia is kind of gfe too, so that fitted my mood. Nice girl, nice nature. Not hardened hooker type at all.


return for more with Sophia by old fat man13/12/13

I spent a pleasant hour with Sophia the first time I visited Pritchard Place.
Returned to see Cici a week later, then the following Friday I returned with the hope of seeing Ice.

Alas ice was booked for 2 hours, I asked papas an if Sophia was available, yes in 10 mins was his reply.
I waited for about 10 mins in the waiting room, sitting watching TV. There was a disgruntled punter having a disagreement
with the papasan during this time, I decided to tune out, not my business. I was surprised how this affected me, took the edge of the punt
initially, of course that passed quickly as a scantily dressed lady passed through the waiting room, turned out to be Ice,

I expressed my approval of Ice to papas an and he shook my hand, simultaneously assisting me out of the chair and escorted me into a room.
he apologised for the disagreement and I paid for the hour and showered, Sophia greeted me with a towel as I emerged from the shower, she had already showered. Upon returning to the room Sophia was very friendly and remembered our previous sessions.

We caressed each other and re-explored each other, then she started a slow deep blowjob, It took all I had not to blow, then Sophie said, “I fuck you
or you fuck me”? I said you fuck me. She climbed on top cowgirl style, grinding slightly faster and faster, I braced my feet on the bed and bent my knees,
lifted my arse and Sophia off the bed and slammed into her as hard and fast as I could until I exploded into her, then collapsed back onto the bed, Sophia continued to grind away slowly as she slapped me on the chest saying,” you fucked me, not me fuck you” I could do nothing but laugh and she joined me.

Sophia massaged me for a short while then I said I would have a shower she reminded me I had 5 mins left we caressed for a couple of minutes then showered.

This place has been a value punt every time I have visited, my expectations are I will get a budget punt with budget WLs, my reality has been good value for
money that seems to improve with familiarity.

Tx old fat man.


Unread postby datmandoo » Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:59 pm

Great to get a session with my fave foxy little milf. This girls oral skill up there with the best of the girls that come thru this shop. Cute little booty nice natural b+ cups. naughty face , petite.
After a good bout of sucking , like 15 mins, I got who to get on top for some cowgirl, some sitting upright . some hunched over, grabbed her little cheeks and pounded up into her. Then she took me by surprise with her slow reverse cowgirl. The sight and feel of that little butt, sliding up and down the pole, too much. I had to make a decision. I had to stop her fast if I wanted yo pound her in mish, doggie etc….but it just looked so right and felt so good slow like that, I had to just cup her butt cheeks and let her take me out. watched in awe as she just drew every prop outa me in about 5 or 6 heavy shot. asked he to keep gently sliding on the pole for a while longer , while I just contemplated what Sophia had just done….blown me off in just cowgirl. never happened be fore lol.
Had 5 mins to spare , so just got her too lie on her tummy and I covered her back , legs and booty with butterfly kisses, which she enjoyed ( a rest appreciated I guess lol).
A good little girl and value for money IMHO. well done Sophia.

Tx datmandoo

Postby trashhammer » Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:28 am

Sophia , on Saturday, Chinese and slimmer than pics make out, and cutest little bottom, I call her the “Silk Tornado”. Fabulous bj to start , and she makes all the nice squealing noise I like as she rides in cowgirl. Delightful well kept figure , shiny glassy smooth skin. All real, all good : P
I only had energy for 4 positions , cos I had just tried Lili for first time , an hour before. But sitting around yacking to boss after Lili , I think I saw Sophia’s little butt wiggle past , just one too many times, then had to book her.
She has a foxy , cheeky little face , and is a severe flirt, so I was gone.Sophia had plenty of get up and go in her , so it was an effortless cum for me, cant fault her. Great little rocket , always tries her best , think I saw her a year ago, same good skills then.
Tx Trashhammer