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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place



 trashhammer » Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:42 pm

I am having a week of taking on really strong looking girls who are like a challenge for me , as opposed frightened little frail rabbits or quick movoing cheetahs, i usually pick.

Got one lined for Thurs somewhere else, but today found one at this place. I was talking to Aussie owner yesterday, who said he had a new gal called Selena, who has good sized butt and real rack, and bit of a screamer (my ears prick up)…. so went out there. As described probably size 10 , Singapore girl, bad looking, dressed in fishnets and black lacey thing. Yep, looks like a challenge.
Good hot style bj , head shaking , weaving at all angles sucking me at every conceivable angle, balls slashed by her tongue. Really worked me over as i stood on the bed watching the action. Checking her butt out in the mirror ” Right, that thing is gonna cop it. She’ll take it alright.”
After sucking me to hardness, got her into doggie and slapped my knob on the entrance to her rig, making sure she couldn’t slip it it in for a while .She’s whimpering, I make her beg for it ( I feel like teasing for a change). after a couple of minutes of nipple tweeking (she’s nutz for it) , I take hold of her formidable but cheeks , start slamming her full tilt. NOW the loud wailing starts ( That’s what I’m here for baby). I go for broke , almost. Cowgirl, she ruts hard and loud , then some slammin mish, dirty talking int her ear (she probably doesn’t understand a word, but its revving me up). Back to a harder slammin’ spankin’ doggie and blow hard.

Lesson , one of these warrior girls in the morning , and you may need a lie down in arvo , if you are gonna attempt another one that nite, perhaps even call it a day. actually just now as i write this I got a 2nd warrior fuck lined up for Thursday, see if it comes off….. You know, “Best laid plans of mice and men…..””