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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place



By Khadji

Person’s Name : Michelle

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place Peakhurst

Date of Visit : 15/12/13

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : www.19pritchardplace.com

Hours of Business : 10am till late

Rates : 1 hr $100 full service special price

Age : 35-40

Size/shape : Cuddly

Nationality or Ethnicity :Chinese

Services Provided : CBJ, LFK, MishCG

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

Experience / Comments

I was in the area and thought I would drop in for a visit. Michelle came in and had a twinkle in her eye so I thought this would be fun. Into the shower for a quick rinse and then onto the bed for some cuddling and mutual caressing, I am a fan of the wandering fingers. Some LFK before slipping on the Dom for some CBJ, from there into some CG which varied between slow and fast before flipping over into some Mish where I got to control the pace, lots of pounding to cross the line. I worked up a good sweat and enjoyed the playful nature of Michelle as well as some of the dirty talking during the action. If you like your Chinese ladies on the cuddly size with a cheeky attitude she is the one for you.

Tx Khadji


Milf_Man Does Michelle

Shop: 19 Pritchard Place Peakhurst
Price: $100/Hr (BARGAIN)
Pros: Shop is secluded, front entrance only but no discretion needed (no bus stops in sight)

Perpetrator: Milf Man
Victim: Michelle
Date: Sunday (several wks ago)
Origin: Chinese
Age: ~30’s
Size: 10-12
Height: ~160cm
Face: 7/10

Rocked up to 19 Pritchard with the intention of seeing Michelle for the 1st time. Lucky for me Michelle was available straight away so i begrudgingly picked her for an hour, so as to make her feel like she has to impress me, even though i was giggling inside at the prospect of banging this hot piece of ass in a few mins time.

Michelle is a curvier woman with a lot of meat to grab onto, exactly the way i like it – wide hips, big butt, thick legs. It didn’t hurt that she also had a pretty face and a hefty bust. During sex, she is somewhat hot and cold, with the occasional scratching of the back.

Took a shower alone to wash the tools, before lying on the bed for her to return. Not a big kisser, so i had Michelle straddle me cowgirl while i sucked on her nipples to warm her up. I then directed that mouth of hers down to my mushroom head for a cbj (she did not offer bbbj) in a seated position with my back against the wall and her lying side-on so that my fingers could have access to her honey pot, which she had no problems with me fingering. Occasionally, i would hold her head against my belly and pump her throat all the way down for that extra stimulation. After a few mins, i had her sit on my face with that fat ass, which pretty much smothered me whole, it was a sight to behold, even though it was pitch black from where i was looking. Eventually i had to surface for some air, so i decided it was time to stuff her pussy with my thick log.

Before inserting my tool into a woman for the 1st time, i always make the chick tell me that they are “ready” for my meat. Michelle was no exception, after hitting that clit and sliding my cock up and down those pussy lips a few times in the missionary position, i slowly inserted the head, then the shaft all the way inside that magical cave (which i’m sure have been extensively explored on numerous occasions). Michelle was quite the moaner and as my thrusts became more purposeful and violent, her body tensed for that first wave of delight. Sensing the moment, I then flipped her over onto her stomach for some old fashioned flat doggie (my favourite position). Not only am i in complete control of her body (especially that ass), but the visual of seeing a woman getting pounded from behind, with her asshole winking back at me is usually enough to take me over the edge. Before long i had that familiar sensation that i was ready to explode, so I leaned over, whispered into her ear, “tell me how much you want me to cum inside that dirty pussy” and really rammed it home. 

By the end of it, i was quite exhausted. In fact, she even made me sweat, saved me having to go to the gym afterwards for a workout. All in all, a pleasant experience.

Cons: Michelle had to leave the room in the middle of intercourse for an unspecified reason (my guess was she had to take a leak), dour the mood slightly but wasn’t enough to kill off my erection.
Return: Probably, but she does like to ask a lot of questions which i don’t like. 

Tx Milf_Man