Nationalit: Chinese

Age: 23

Height: 170


Bust Size: C Cup

Service: Good

Attractive lady , did her hair up before starting bj , which i dont usually like , wirh her style of face it gave her a sort Geisha look , despite being Chinese, so went with that. i asked ked her to do a ball lick first as lay back and was feel a easy session. surprised by her butterfly soft pointy tongue flicking action . so delicate and exciting , she got me fully hard, before she started running the tip of her tongue right up and down the shaft, then eventually took the rod fully in her mouth. I was gagging for it now, and she made me promise not to cum in her mouth , but by this stage would've agreed to anything lil. After some sucking , got her to get on top , and encouraged her to cum on top riding slowly. With a bit of dirty talk and jackhammer she went off beautifully, over noisy faked. thwn took het in mish for some slightly harder pounding . but really she has a great feeling firm pussy inside and i coyld appreciate it better if tookkit easy. when i put her in doggie her arse assumed a beautiful full rounded shape , so along with pussy feel, i knew it would take long to blow . so i just stayed still and and let slide back and forth slow. Had to fight the urge slam it hard, and when i started blowing , i could feel her pussy muscles tighten and suck out each shot as it came. really good feeling. Result left feelin refreshed and totally unloaded, and tackle not bashed to death. good punt.

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