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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place



Juicy Lucy Pussy by Boney

Person’s Name : Lucy

Days Worked : Monday

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place, Peakhurst

Date of Visit : Oct 2013

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Hours of Business : 10am until late

Rates : $100/hour

Age : mid to Late 20’s

Size/shape : Short and a bit stocky, but not at all fat

Nationality or Ethnicity : China/Korean

Services Provided : BBBJ, DFK, FS, Erotic massage, DATY

Value for money/recommend? : Yes.

A hot Monday afternoon, time for a punt, a few cars in the parking area so I am hoping I will not be disappointed or have to wait. A ring of the doorbell and pappasan appears, “Hello my friend I have a nice girl for you”. He shows me to the room with the spa bath, I start to disrobe, nice and cool in here with the aircon. Very soon I hear the clunk of feet approaching up the hall way, then Lucy opens the door and introduces herself, nice eye makeup with a touch of glitter to add a touch of sparkle to her eyes , we do the money thing and then I am off to the shower looking forward to spending some time with Lucy and seeing what she has to offer.

Lucy wants me to lie face down for some massage and cat bath but I am not in mood for this today, she seems a little nervous so I tell her to relax and take our time. Too hot outside to hurry, she seems keen to get down to business but I want to take it slow and gently meander through those exquisite feelings that come from the act of love making. Lucy likes kissing so we indulge ourselves a little with some playful light kissing, I try to keep a bit of distance for 2 reasons, firstly because it is stinking hot outside and I am not yet ready to start getting hot and sweaty again, and also, to make the small contacts that our bodies and hands make with each other even more delightful and elusive.

We spend some time exploring and lightly touching, a bit of light kissing and body contact. Lucy is starting to purr and wants to suck little Mister Boney, this was very nice and delightfully teasing, sending electric shudders through my body. I got her to lie on her side so that I could return the favour and explore her little garden, the soil was nice and moist. Eventually we progressed to the main course, Lucy was very tight, she is such a small lady and Little Mister Boney has been working out lately so he is bulked up. I introduce him very slowly, stopping regularly so that Lucy can let her muscles relax. Once in the fit is perfect. From time to time I can feel contractions of Lucy’s muscles, we try various positions, Lucy enjoys cowgirl and comes rather quickly, she asks what I am doing? I say “Fucking Lucy Pussy”. She says “No, Making Love” soon the end of the hour time approaches and it is time for me to finish off, shooting my load deep inside of Lucy’s belly, I withdraw and Lucy takes off my condom and cleans up. She finishes off by giving me a few minutes massage while I lie on my back, usually there is only one thing that gets massaged when I am on my back, but Lucy has skills to massage other parts of my anatomy. Too soon the time is over, I shower and back into the heat of another Sydney day, with the smell of bush fires in the air.

Tx Boney