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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place




Person’s Name : Lili

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place,

Date of Visit : 3 September

Contact Details/Address/Weblink

Hours of Business : 10am until late

Rates : $100/hour First Birthday Special (Normal Price $140)

Age : 20’s

Size/shape : Very pretty, slim, diminutive

Nationality or Ethnicity : China

Services Provided : FS, CBJ, Light kissing

Value for money/recommend? : Yes.

Well after much soul searching I deserted Taren Point to take advantage of the $100 birthday special, can’t even get a massage with nude happy ending and a grope for that. Also I noticed in their schedule Angel was rostered on, her AR said she was fireworks, just what I felt like. So suspecting that she would be popular I rang up in the morning and made a booking, well I tried to make a booking, wasn’t quite sure if I had or not. Anyways, come the appointed time I rock up to Pritchard Place and am greeted at the door by the Pappasan. He informs me that Angel is sick, on the rag I think. Hmmmmfff, well who is available? So I sit down in the reception area and he yells, all girls out. So there were three, Judy, Lili and Mona who appeared, smiled and promptly disappeared. For some reason of which I cannot be sure, number 2, Lili was the one who impressed. Pappasan showed me to Lili’s room and I noticed there was not any shower, but there was a second door which I opened and found a spar bath with shower. That looked good, but I think it would be something you would have to book or plan for a 2 hour session with Champers. Not having planned on the spa I quickly had a shower and made sure the essentials were squeaky clean so as not to waste time.

I went back into the room and Lili was taking off her hooker shoes and instantly shrunk 15cm, she was quite tiny. While I was drying she took of her diminutive costume and wrapped herself in a towel, I thought she was going to have a shower, but she didn’t she got onto the bed and and opened the towel as if inviting me into her tent to share her body. She was small, delicate arms and and legs and a slim nicely proportioned body and a pretty face, no big tits, check out Mona for that fantasy. English was not Lili’s strong point, the only word I think she knew was Sankyo. Conversation was not on the menu, so we started to touch and explore each other’s body, just familiarising ourselves with the lay of the land, there was a bit of fake sexy noises which I always find bemusing, and slightly annoying. Lili had a small tuft of quite luxuriant hair, surprisingly luxuriant, and a neat little pussy. Since DATY was off the menu the hair did not worry me, luckily because I had forgotten my toothpicks.
We spent some time kissing and licking each other’s bodies, paying due attention to nipples, nape of the neck and ears. Then Lili went down on me for a condom BJ, which I find a bit of a waste of time because of the the lack of sensitivity of my penis when covered in latex. I would much prefer some other, naked penis, outside play. After a while we progressed to the sex bit, I was a little worried that Lili would not be able to handle my massive manhood (sic). So we started in Mish, and I allowed her to control my entry, so that she could allow her muscles to relax and allow me to slide into her slowly. I went all the way in, deep into her belly and could not feel the end. Then slowly I withdrew, it always feels like the withdrawal is much longer than the penetration, don’t know why. During the foreplay Lili’s sounds had changed from fake to genuine, this continued with the sex. We did a number of positions, she enjoyed riding my pole in cowgirl position, I got her to ride side-saddle and brought my leg up so she could put her arms around my knee and grind herself on my leg.

I think all in all she came 3 or 4 times and seemed to enjoy the session, I certainly enjoyed seeing this beautiful lady pleasuring herself on my manhood. We came together 15 minutes before full time, and lay down for a few minutes, she kept playing with my old fella which kept me hard so I thought perhaps we could fit in one more before full time, we tried missionary with her legs squeezed together so I could get more feel through the latex, but after a short while it was obvious I wouldn’t be able to come so I grabbed a towel and used it to cool Lili down as we were both a little sweaty.

So, all in all a nice GF experience from a young lady willing to please in her own sweet way, not mind blowing alphabet soup sex with all of the Karma Sutra, including appendices. But pleasant, and with the added bonus of not having to talk crap, well at least not until I study Mandarin.

Tx Boney


Re: Lili review

Postby trashhammer » Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:57 am

First time I had tried lili myself, attractive milf age , but no kids and well kept body, like a lot of Chinese ladies , has flawless smooth skin, pale , no tatts, real breasts holding up well, nice rounded butt to hammer. Good personality , and best of all… loves cock. My god this girl can go and reacts really well to a punishing pounding. AND gives one of the best BJ’s on south side of Sydney, An artist at work on your cock and balls, all angles, wets your pole with saliva , double handed twisting on rod as she licks feverishly and devours your balls. let her do 15 mins of that … just too good to be able to tell her to stop, nearly blew the load several times during her oral session.
God into some real heaving, relentless pounding of each other. Finally at 28 min mark ,, let her have it and collapsed, my heart racing, had to take long breaths , and hold it . Man , she took me to my limit. Not a drop left in my , I thought.
Great lady , all real body , no tatts. Total value for money , so I can see why she has so many regulars. Girls who can suck and tickle balls like that a far and few between. Def in my top 5 BJ girls of the year so far.What with Sunny ( ex-Narwee who I saw last time) cute as a button in her figure hugging little black dress with pink hearts on it, Sophie and Lili on, all on Saturday, you really couldn’t lose.
And for $70 a throw,, if you had the cash , worth making it a hat-trick…then you’d be right for the week LOL.
I would do ’em separately though as they have individually their own special little thing going on , which for me, requires undivided attention.
However, the thoughtof the 2 vixens, Lili and Sophia sucking on my cock and balls as little sweet Korean Sunny riding my face , a somewhat appealing proposition : )

Tx Trashhammer