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Kim big tits milf

by aznonazn » Mon Aug 11, 2014 7:57 pm

Visited this place today Monday 11th august, this place starting to become my regular visiting place now. I mean you hardly get a dud root here, cheap price and ok looking ladies. Before I went I looked up the roster and it says that there’s a new girl Kim starting today and I was keen to see her. Ring the bell and was shown to the room by the boss and you don’t really choose in this “turn by turn” place unless you’re really not happy with their choice.In comes Kim wearing a corset with those DD tits showing wow, handed her $100 for the hour and took a quick shower as she went to give the money to boss and get me a towel. Ok so Kim wasn’t really talkative as her English was limited and I’m always a pretty quite person with someone I just met, about 5’5, a bit chubby but not fat which you won’t see in her normal clothes, in her mid 30s and pretty attractive face. She came back with towels and I dried myself while she took off her bra and wow those tits a DD hanging down with a suckable nipples, but she did not take off her whole corset. I sat down on the bed before I could even lay down she already start sucking my nipples and giving me a tongue bath with a lot of kissing all over my body. Ok just something you should look pass is she uses a lot of tissues and wet tissues a lot of wiping as she’s a bit of clean freak but if you look through it you will be satisfied.

Now she was kissing all over my body back to nipple then more kissing while wiping my dick with wet ones on my left hand side and while I was doing that I’m rubbing her clit through her panties which I can feel that it was getting abit damp. She realises that she was getting wet so she took off her whole corset and starts sucking my dick while still on my left hand side, one of the best bbbj with a lot of ball licking. While the bj I was rubbing her now uncovered pussy and clit and yup she was wet. 10 minutes of this and I told her to lay down while I work on those massive juicy jugs of hers and working my way down for some daty on her cleanly shaven pussy. She wasn’t really responsive at first but all i need to do is find her g-spot and bam I found it 10 minutes later she was on the brinks as she was arching her back and putting her hand on my head pulling me deeper to her pussy and she fucking screamed lol as she came. She changed to a completely different person after she came, remember I said she was quite well now she was saying “fuck yes”, “come fuck me now”, “fuck you’re very good” and more fuck lol well that’s the effect I guess. On with the dom she rode me like a maniac as she was so wet horny then told me come change, so I went on top and I was fucking her fast and hard a lot of loud moaning from her so I went in slower but deeper which tick her to come again. Moved to doggy pump her to completion, I came and was happy. Looked at the time it’s been 45mins since the session start, Kim cleaned me up and more tissues lol also wet ones then she went to the shower first as she was wet with her juice while I lay down to catch my breath. After I showered she came up gave me a kiss on my lip and I dressed, I know I still got at least 5 to 10 mins left but I find spending inside with a WL who’s English is limited is a bit awkward so I left. While walking me out she was so cling like she just fallen in love with me lol maybe she have not come in a long time lol.

So Kim big tits, in her mid 30s, shaved pussy which is rare in this place as most of the girls got hair, chubby but not fat let’s say size 10ish and over all service 8/10. Make her come and her inner pornstar will show.