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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place



Jessie by Vromiaris

I visited Jessie on Saturday morning. 30plus, 160cm C cups size 8.

Jessie speaks prefect English I would say and she has a very positive attitude.

Overall a good punt as she likes her job and she seems to have it down pat.

Jessie doesn’t have any special tricks in her bag apart from a fun attitude which more than a lot of girls these days.

If you are in the area worth while saying hello!

Tx Vromiaris.


Jessie by SeaRay

The SeaRay visited 19 Pritchard Place for the first time today and spent an hour with JESSIE who has great Breasts with nice large dark Areolas and a trimmed Bush on top at shaved / waxed underneath… I was surprised with this Brothel which has small compact rooms with under floor heating which was a welcome relief on such a cold Winters day

Tx SeaRay