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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place



Cindy – JACKPOT!!!!  by Jilamint

Person’s Name : Cindy

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place Peakhurst

Date of Visit : 17/11/14

Contact Details/Address/Weblink : 19 Pritchard Place

Hours of Business : 10am till late

Rates : 1hr $110

Age : Late 20’s, early 30’s, late 30’s, who really knows, who gives a shit. AWESOME

Size/shape : Average, pretty enough

Nationality or Ethnicity :Not sure, didn’t ask, assume Chinese.

Services Provided : DFK, FS

Value for money/recommend? : YES, YES, YES.

Experience / Comments:

Been having a few punts here and there, and after reviewing Macy last time got a message from Pete thanking me for my report and suggesting that they had a new girl Cindy starting soon and that he hears she is good in the bedroom. Well, for good reason I’m a little skeptical when those with a financial interest tell me their girls are good, however Pete is a dinki di, not the usual dodgy Shanghai street market seller, so I was tempted to think there was at least some truth to his description.

I’d been busy and had at least a weeks load built up and wondered where was I going to put it next. I checked Pritchard Place roster with Cindy in mind, not having any idea when she would be starting or on what day, and blow me down (pardon the pun), Cindy was listed!

Got straight in the car and head over, sans appointment, expecting if she is new she won’t be booked out.

Walked in the door to be greeted by a different papasan who saw me in the door. I asked for Cindy and he seemed surprised that I asked for her. ‘Where did you hear about Cindy?’ he asked. ‘Pete’ I said. With a smile he let me in and said he would check. Cindy would be free in 10min.

As I sat down waiting someone turned up in a 4WD and let himself in with a key. He had an aussie accent. Now I’d never actually met Pete but was hoping to after having a few conversations/emails with him. He walked past and said hello, to which I asked ‘are you the famous Pete?’ to which he replied, ‘yes, are you the famous Jilamint?’. ‘Yes’, I replied with a laugh. We shook hands and he said he was hoping to bump into me one day.

Pete and I had a chat about things, the girls, the industry, the dodgy places we know and why some of the well known long term girls leave (usually due to those places well known bad management practises. Its not just us punters that are told lies and get treated with contempt!!)

It was great to catch up with him but Cindy became free. In the room I go and wait, unsure what to expect.

Cindy walked in. I’m not sure exactly what I expected but first glance I was…well, I was going to say disappointed but that’s not entirely accurate. I think the thing is in your mind you are always expecting a young, hot, glamour porn star, and that’s rarely the case. Personality is just as important, if not more so, than physical looks, and Cindy was lovely. The typical girl wanting to offer you a great service. Although English was not her strong point, it was obvious she was very kind and lovely. Lots of smiles, and attempted to undress me etc. I actually find this annoying, only because its awkward to try and have someone else undress you when you are older than 5, not to mention 3 times slower than doing it yourself. I understand some find it a nice touch and a nice part of the service, but its not for me. Nor is the girl drying me after my shower, which Cindy also attempted. It just shows what great service provider she is.

On with the show, I had already tested the waters for DFK and it was an absolute YES. She wasn’t one of these typical ‘grandma’ kissers that seem to be around these days, she was a full on tongue girl!

More DFK and we were soon on the bed. She had a nice body, completely smooth pussy, great for caressing and fucking (and DATY if its your thing).

Although we were busy kissing passionately I think we were both very horny so it was time to get prepared for fucking!

Once I was in, we started in mish and after a few minutes we were interrupted by a girl speaking chinese (of course). This room shares a bathroom with another room, and the second rooms door gets locked from the bathroom side each time to ensure nothing embarrassing occurs. Well, it seems Cindy had forgotten to unlock it so I had to remove myself from deep in her wet pussy whilst she unlocked it.

Back to me with her apologies we fucked like rabbits in mish, and cowgirl, and I tell you what, this girl LOVES sex. She gets into it, she WANTS to fuck, she WANTS to fuck you and make you happy. She came at least once in cowgirl whilst riding me like a bucking bull. Always smiling, always looking like she wants to be there. And so did I!

Even though it had been a week, I was a little tired and wasn’t finding myself as sensitive as I would have expected so decided to try doggy which has been working for me lately. Once in doggy I grabbed her hips and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. Soon enough I was building the then erupted pounding her wet, willing pussy. My god, my weeks worth kept going and going and going. I wondered when this eruption was going to end! Thank god it wasn’t in her mouth she would have drowned!

A shower and a lay down and quick massage. What I learnt from this is that Cindys expertise is absolutely between her legs, not at the end of her arms. Her massage is shit. But when you fuck like a beast you don’t really need to know how to massage.

I was very keen on finding a girl who not only was lovely but also knew how to please a man and I have found it with Cindy at Pritchard. I hope she is here for a long time but I’m tempted to say you should get in quick, she is one of the most awesome fucks you will get for $110. I tipped her $40 to round it up to $150 which is much more appropriate.

Will I see Cindy again? FUCK YEAH!!! I hope to ASAP.

And thanks Pete, keep it up, so to speak!

Tx Jilamn



by trashhammer » Sat Nov 22, 2014 12:41 pm

Chinese/Taiwanese girl Cindy , very attentive, started off with kissing and sensual slow touching , which graduated to a nice soft ball lick , then shaft. Enough, enough. I want to fuck her and doggie on edge of bed so I could stand and view her but.
Pale skin , no tats, real c-cups and she loves nipples licked and and sucked as she glided back and forwards in cowgirl. just let her enjoy herself , then back for flat doggie finish . some massage from Cindy was a nice touch too. after I was out of the shower , Cindy dried me down and dressed me. Very sweet nature, would definitely suit old school type customer that like affectionate and attentive care.
tx trashhammer