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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place



Another 1 hour budget punt with very friendly unrushed service

By Old Fat Man

Cruised to 19 Pritchard place Peakhurst. Arrived at approx. 12:30pm.
Papasan remembers me from last time and greets me warmly with a handshake
and directs me into a room. I ask if Hana or Cici is available (no booking made).

He replies only Cici is available, I agree to see Cici and he calls her name and she
bounds into the room with a warm hello and embrace. We do the money thing and she invites me to shower.

Cici showered straight after me, I watched her shower. Then lay on the bed, Cici joined me and we embraced and gave each other catbaths
that seemed to go forever, she was very playful and showed no resistance to my wandering hands exploring her body wherever I liked.

She gave good covered blowjob that quickly brought me close to climax, I stopped her and she went straight to hard riding cowgirl with me bucking and slamming into her hard and fast, I blew my load uncontrollably and she collapsed on top of me.

Cici again showered while I watched then I showered and Cici helped me dress, we again embraced and parted company.

This Little place proving to be a reliable satisfying place to punt.

Tx Old Fat Man