Another 1 hour budget punt with very friendly unrushed service

By Old Fat Man

Cruised to 19 Pritchard place Peakhurst. Arrived at approx. 12:30pm.
Papasan remembers me from last time and greets me warmly with a handshake
and directs me into a room. I ask if Hana or Cici is available (no booking made).

He replies only Cici is available, I agree to see Cici and he calls her name and she
bounds into the room with a warm hello and embrace. We do the money thing and she invites me to shower.

Cici showered straight after me, I watched her shower. Then lay on the bed, Cici joined me and we embraced and gave each other catbaths
that seemed to go forever, she was very playful and showed no resistance to my wandering hands exploring her body wherever I liked.

She gave good covered blowjob that quickly brought me close to climax, I stopped her and she went straight to hard riding cowgirl with me bucking and slamming into her hard and fast, I blew my load uncontrollably and she collapsed on top of me.

Cici again showered while I watched then I showered and Cici helped me dress, we again embraced and parted company.

This Little place proving to be a reliable satisfying place to punt.

Tx Old Fat Man


By upanatit

Person’s Name :  Jasmine

Establishment :  19 Pritchard Place, Peakhurst

Date of Visit :  Sunday 3/11/13

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :  19 Pritchard Place, Peakhurst,  0295332025

Hours of Business : 10am till late

Rates :  100 bucks for the hour

Age :  Stated 28 and would be close to it.

Size/shape :  Size 8, slim, Great ass, trimmed pussy, C cup titties, not too bad on the eye as far as looks go.

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided :  CBJ, FS, GFE, DATY

Value for money/recommend?  Oh yeah

My experience/comments :

So many places – so little time.  This was the dilemma that faced me on a recent visit down south into Sydney.  Was confusing myself reading too many reviews, and short listing a number of places, I made the decision to visit Pritchard Place.  This decision was based on the fact that they were on the top of the Auxxxreviews Affiliates list. (Never said I was smart)
Anyhow, I drove on over with the Nav Bitch guiding the way.  As has been pointed out before these premises are in an industrial area with a number of adjoining businesses.  The entry/exit to the premises is not so discrete and if it had not been for the fact that it was a Sunday arvo and there was no-one around, I don’t think I would have entered.
The door was answered by a friendly papasan who led me into the lounge room at the front of the premises where he told me it would be a 5 minute wait.  Number of punters coming and going whilst waiting, so I was lucky to be able to slip in without a booking.

Anyhow a short time later Jasmine comes into the lounge room wearing the tiniest skirt showing off her great ass.  Took her into the room for 1 hour of happy play.  Quick shower for us both and onto the bed.  Jasmine came across as very shy at first, however became quite a hornbag as the session went on.

Started off with a nice catbath, teasing the nipples and some nice body to body rubbing and groping. No kissing, but allowed my tongue and mouth to explore her delicious body.    Onto the CBJ which good with some nice ball licking and sucking.  Into missionary and jasmine is a very flexible lady and which allowed me to get her into a good position to access her happy button which she just loved being teased.  Tease I did and every time I would pull my fingers away she would grab my hand and place it right back there.   Nice tight juicy pussy and good muscle control had her milking my cock for all it was worth.

Into doggy and looking at that fantastic butt with the little hole winking at me and begging to be played with, had my fingers working away inside in no time whilst pounding her sweet pussy.  No objection from her in this regard.

Time for a quick shower for us both to cool off, before some cuddling on the bed and Jasmine giving me a HJ whilst playing with her pussy, showing it off in the mirror at the end of the bed.  Back into some missionary and shot a nice load over her stomach and tits.

All up a great time had and I am glad I ended up letting the Nav Biitch point me in the direction of this place. Jasmine was advertised as being the new girl at these premises on this day and she well and truly showed me a good time.  Spoke to the papasan when leaving and gave him the thumbs up for this lovely girl.

by datmandoo » Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:23 am

Jasmine , she is a Sunday girl and you shouldn’t miss her. Pale skin , nice legs , perfect butt, foxy type cute face, long black hair , no tats, b-cups  real.
Cbj only , but the ball-slashing and almost rose-leafing was so good i didn’t fucking care. Got me absolutely rock hard, and I took her standing in her heels in front of sink mirror. Damn she looked good standing there copping it. Facial expressions  and sounds with mirror view close up was Kodak moment for me. And then you look down at the long slim legs and little ass and waist, you just gotta slam it even harder, and then she goes off more, then you look down at the legs again , and round and round it goes. I stop, cos run outa breath, stupidly not realising she was halfway thru cumming, and she is twisting and writhing over the rod to keep things going for her to end-game. Fuck ! nearly lost the load right there, first position.
Onto bed and rutted each other like maniacs for and 15 mins, slammed home in doggie and we both needed a good rest , before showering. i couldn’t stand or walk for some time LOL. So am gonna conclude it was pretty good session : ) Great girl. Heard an Aussie guy walking out before me, telling reception, “Amazing, amazing amazing !” Yep she’s pretty good little girl, especially with the prices there.




 trashhammer » Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:42 pm

I am having a week of taking on really strong looking girls who are like a challenge for me , as opposed frightened little frail rabbits or quick movoing cheetahs, i usually pick.

Got one lined for Thurs somewhere else, but today found one at this place. I was talking to Aussie owner yesterday, who said he had a new gal called Selena, who has good sized butt and real rack, and bit of a screamer (my ears prick up)…. so went out there. As described probably size 10 , Singapore girl, bad looking, dressed in fishnets and black lacey thing. Yep, looks like a challenge.
Good hot style bj , head shaking , weaving at all angles sucking me at every conceivable angle, balls slashed by her tongue. Really worked me over as i stood on the bed watching the action. Checking her butt out in the mirror ” Right, that thing is gonna cop it. She’ll take it alright.”
After sucking me to hardness, got her into doggie and slapped my knob on the entrance to her rig, making sure she couldn’t slip it it in for a while .She’s whimpering, I make her beg for it ( I feel like teasing for a change). after a couple of minutes of nipple tweeking (she’s nutz for it) , I take hold of her formidable but cheeks , start slamming her full tilt. NOW the loud wailing starts ( That’s what I’m here for baby). I go for broke , almost. Cowgirl, she ruts hard and loud , then some slammin mish, dirty talking int her ear (she probably doesn’t understand a word, but its revving me up). Back to a harder slammin’ spankin’ doggie and blow hard.

Lesson , one of these warrior girls in the morning , and you may need a lie down in arvo , if you are gonna attempt another one that nite, perhaps even call it a day. actually just now as i write this I got a 2nd warrior fuck lined up for Thursday, see if it comes off….. You know, “Best laid plans of mice and men…..””


By doggie style

ICE Review ( the Virgin in the industry)

I happen to be one of the lucky ones to be with this gorgeous girl.. she was 21 and her name simply does not match her warmth .

she admittedly apologized that it was her first day and she was incredibly shy and she was not sure what to do.. like a gf on her first date..

so i motioned her to relaxed and after taking a shower i gestured her to remove her clothing and she blushingly obliged.

At first i did not know what to expect but good god ! she had a killer body , tits that fall nicely and flawless skin to match .. no blemish . she had a nice rounded ass and she had all the right proportions in place..

Very hard to fault this lovely lady but only in experience.. where in time i know she will be a rocket! she mentioned she loves to dance so use your imaginations guys!

as i happily caressed this goddess body . and slowly guided myself to enter her.. she was soo tight.. a few moans and groans later , turned in to delight sounds. she had great PC muscles control down there.
30min was simply not enough so i opted to go for the whole hr.. It was that good gentlemen.. is

Highly recommend her to all punters.. a must have experience!!


Micky Magic By Boney

Person’s Name : Micky
Days Worked : Tuesday, Thursday
Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place, Peakhurst
Date of Visit : 8 Oct 2013
Contact Details/Address/Weblink :
Hours of Business : 10am until late
Rates : $100/hour
Age : Late 20’s early 30’s
Size/shape : Short and a bit stocky, but not at all fat, nice breast with small brown nipples
Nationality or Ethnicity : China
Services Provided : CBJ, Light Kissing, FS, Erotic massage
Value for money/recommend? : Yes/Yes.
Well another great day in Sydney, bit of rain but what is that between friends, sees me rock off to Pritchard Place. I rang the doorbell and the door was opened not by Papasan but by the diminutive Micky. What a surprise, she was shortish and a little stocky but with a nice smile, not my usual cup of chai. “Come with me and I will look after you good” says Micky, well that is the kind of invitation it is hard to ignore, so I allowed her to lead me to a small but practical room. “How long you want to stay?” she asks and I ask for the usual hour, who could go past it for $100. So while she takes the money I hop into the shower, I notice a Barbie bag gently glowing on the bed and I started to have pictures of strange shaped vibrating implements of pleasure being charged to capacity for the coming session. This could be very interesting, later I was to be disappointed, it was a DVD player.
When Micky returns to the room I am sitting on the bed waiting, after she removes her very tiny pieces of clothing I reach out to her. But, Micky was having none of this she tells me to lie face down on the bed, a couple of seconds of thought says that this little lady likes to be in control and that I should just relax and go along for the ride. Micky starts off with a very gentle and erotic massage, my whole spine is tingling and the delicate touch which runs up my inner thighs and brushes against my balls sends off electric sparks that make me want to writhe. This continues for sometime until I can no longer stand the exquisite torture and have to turn over so that she can pay some attention to my front side, and so that I can enjoy the view of this diminutive torturer. After a while of course I just have to touch and explore her miniature body, the sight of her gorgeous smile and her eye contact were really turning me on. Eventually we got to the condom BJ which normally I find a bit of a drag, but because of her warm up all sorts of incredible sensations came from her skilled mouth and tongue to my manhood, she was very professionally taking me to the peaks of ecstasy and backing off to keep me there.
Eventually it came time to have the main course, so Micky asked what position, I requested side scissors, a good position so that we both have access to each others bodies and it is easy to control entry, for both parties, I worried a little that perhaps this little lady may have trouble with my massive Caucasin member (haha). We lay there for a while just exploring each others bodies with our finger tips and tongues, sucking on nipples, my manhood knocking on heavens door, causing Micky to gasp a little and enjoy the stimulation. When it was time to enter her, I did so slowly, giving her time to let her muscles relax, and as they did I was allowed deeper into her belly. We proceeded to enjoy each other in a number of positions until it was her turn to get on top of me and ride my member. I could reach down and cup my hands on her perfect buttocks and explore around her pussy as she rode me. When I came it was not just the clouds and the rain but a full blown thunderstorm. To finish Micky gave me a cool down light massage and in the closing moments of the session I returned the favor and massaged her forearms and shoulders.
All in all I am glad I relaxed and succumbed to the mastery and techniques that MIcky had to offer rather than impinge myself upon her. She is a beautiful lady with a great smile and eyes, she is a bit of an enigma in her penchant for cutsie Barbie accessories contrasting with her profession and her tattoos. If you want porn star Micky is not your girl, but if you want to spend a very nice hour with a lady who is very happy to  please she is the one for you.


Jessica & Viki @ 19Pritchard

Now wwwhhhooooaaaa there bro’s..stop thinking tandems … this is 2 separate ARs..just forgot to post previous…
so had a couple of very ordinary punts at this establishment earlier in year which I posted (Susan & Vivianne) …. and shied away for a while but the prices and locale lured me back a while back and opted for Jessica … big difference in service … very nice experience… BBBJ, DATY, FS … nice GFE … had long hair with a washed out perm that just screamed 80s but that was kinda cute… anyway, it was a month or so back now so my memory’s a bit blurred but definitely re-instated Pritchard on my radar. So recently, Pritchard has advertised a week special for their birthday … I spoke with owner but didnt understand whether the establishment was one year old or just him as owner… anyway it’s a good deal while it lasts.. so there were 2 girls presented..Viki and Judy … both OK looking…. Judy was quite short but had a bubbly personality… looked like she would be quite flirty & frisky  ..well, upfront anyway … Viki was taller (not tall) and had a very Girl Next Door aura about her … I remembered her from the website but the photo on the website is not real flattering showing just torso in full nothing outstanding … but Viki in real life is quite attractive in the GND way… so I opt for Viki and it soon becomes apparent that I am about to receive something I have failed to get from recent punting experiences … CONVERSATION.. yes, this girl has impeccable english, having been in Oz for some time now … originally from KL Malaysia but I am embarassed that at first introductions I was greeting, as I become used to, with ingrish… she musta thought..’you moron, I speak need to baby talk in monosyllables’ anyway, the overall punt was exquisite… very different to previous… Viki was very sensual… catbath, ball licking, massage, BBBJ, repeat cbj, FS plus…. not all in that order I like to try different establishments and girls, esp. at the bigger places like Taren & Carlton BUT for Viki I might break that policy and return .. I left Pritchard in total bliss… not so much for the physical relax BUT more that I had nice conversation, a sensual GFE unrushed, and felt Viki and I were in that zone where the outsideworld doenst exist for a while…. anyway half an hour later I was back at work and reality check
so Viki and Jessica both highly recommended … but if ur after hot raunchy PSE with drop dead gorgeous models ..maybe not …. these 2 were, for me, much better in the GFE department BTW, speaking of hot previous visits were in winter and this place gets mighty stuffy after serious punting but I notice now as summer hits they have really efficient air cond running in the rooms…. good one!!!!



MAGGIE” – “NEW” A Very Hot Sexy Slim Size 7 C Cup Chinese Lady “MAGGIE” comes highly recommended and joins the team @ Pritchard Place giving top service so drop in and say hi to “MAGGIE”

Hmm , no template on mobile version so from memory…

Service provider: Maggie

Location:19 Pritchard

Date of service: Sat 7th Sept

Price Birthday special $70 30mins

Contact : 9533 2025

Recommend: yes


Had some time to spare on sat and dropped in for the birthday special.  Maggie was the only one available and decided on 30mins.

Started with cat bath then down for some ball sucking that was nice before dom on and cbj.  Much energy her and she really threw herself into it. Change of position and I return the favour with DATY. it is not long before my head is squashed uncontrollably but I just try to suck out those juices and end up in a spin cycle for a second time. On to some fucking. Missionary and I just cannot stop for several minutes. Eventually I cum then shower. We both had a great time.












MAGGIE” – “NEW” A Very Hot Sexy Slim Size 7 C Cup Chinese Lady “MAGGIE” comes highly recommended and joins the team @ Pritchard Place giving top service so drop in and say hi to “MAGGIE”
Hmm , no template on mobile version so from memory…
Service provider: Maggie
Location:19 Pritchard
Date of service: Sat 7th Sept
Price Birthday special $70 30mins
Contact : 9533 2025
Recommend: yes
Had some time to spare on sat and dropped in for the birthday special.  Maggie was the only one available and decided on 30mins.
Started with cat bath then down for some ball sucking that was nice before dom on and cbj.  Much energy her and she really threw herself into it. Change of position and I return the favour with DATY. it is not long before my head is squashed uncontrollably but I just try to suck out those juices and end up in a spin cycle for a second time. On to some fucking. Missionary and I just cannot stop for several minutes. Eventually I cum then shower. We both had a great time.








by datmandoo » Sat Jul 27, 2013

I have survived a few wild girls like Bianca, Ami and Love…but today I met my match. Angel is half Vietnamese half Hong Kong killer in the cot. A sexy pretty face , but wicked eyes. nice sz 8 figure, small bust but point sensitive nipples that like a good strong nibble and tweaking. The bj was wild ravenous type, but I never felt a tooth, even when she got worked up. Licking the jewels with her staring up, a Kodak moment. But when she got on top and started cow-girling herself to a frenzy, I just had to hold it together so she could go for it. Tried to get her off a few times but she was determined to stay up there, and increased the pace even more. I tried to thrust a few times to aid her efforts, but it was almost in hurricane she working up. Eventually took her in doggie, mish, doggie, side saddle, til I ran outa gas. Her body constantly writhing and wiggling and she wore me out. So lay her on bed on her back so she lick the jewels while I the load over her breast. Whao! Shoulda had a V I think. will be better prepared for the inevitable rematch. No English to speak of and too hot for me too conquer are only downside to me.
If you like em noisy wild and slim go and see this girl b4  someone snatches her up for a mistress. Addictive , you have been warned. budget price but top service til 10.30 tonight, but will be back Tues she tells me.

Jessica Review

by trashhammer » Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:14 am


Japanese/Chinese mix girl , speaks Japanese, lived in Tokyo, very nice girl, late 20’s, beautiful rubbery ,shiny skinned body, lovely all-real rack with perfect nipples and her breasts sit so well you can’t stop looking at them, and a gorgeous shaped  booty too , cute face with baby doll curved forehead look going on, adorable nature and likes to go hard. A great BJ and sucks like demon real porn star style, and can do nice ball licking too. She says she thinks a bit fat , but i would like  to have GF like her on my arm, still better than most Aussie girl figures out there. The sex was riotous fun, the more I gave it to her, the more she loved it. And she took it out of me so much, I had to sit in the car for a while, before i could safely drive away. Bouncy, bubbly little bundle of joy in the room. Would like to see her again for sure. At $85 /30mins , tremendous bang for your buck.