by teazzer » Thu Aug 07, 2014 4:32 pm

Don’t really do this but here goes

Sitting on the lounge at 19 pritchard watching tv waiting for Anni…. as I wanted to see what was so special with the good reviews

Door bell rings and another guy joins me on the lounge ( wow this feels comfortable ) anyway 15 minutes past and a customer must of just finished with Anni.

Anni walks past me staring at me I thought I did something wrong… She starts talking Chinese to the boss and the other guy on the lounge was looking at me weird.

Anni walks past and grabs my hand smiling with her high heals on see through undies and high beams staring at me right in the eyes holy shit I looked back at the customer on the lounge and he gave me the thumbs up and winked ( maybe he liked me )

In the room I tired to start a conversation with Anni but couldn’t get a word out of her. I asked her for a towel to have a shower, Anni pointed to the bed where the folded towel was after my shower Anni decided to brush her teeth in the shower for about 5 minutes I thought to myself this is going to be another time waster dud punt.

BUT I WAS WELL WRONG ……. Let me tell you my fellow Hookerlooker punters

After Anni finished brushing her teeth for 5 minutes she looked at me strait in the eye smiled and said this is going to be fun I like you ( like they all say )

As I was sitting on the edge of the bed with the towel around my waste Anni went strait for my lips ( not really a fan of that ) and wanted to ram her tongue down my throat Anni then worked her way slowly to my Frankfurt as she was kneeling on the floor she ripped the towel off me slowly pushed my chest on the bed and began to work my Frankfurt till it became a nice hard sausage… Anni was moaning as I was caressing her nipples and slowly sliding my hand in her inner thigh.

I told Anni its my turn now to lick your pussy she said wait I love your nice cock and kept doing what she does best, After about 10 mins I told Anni to lay down as I would spoil her…… she loved it and loved my tongue. Anni mentioned that allot of guys love doing it but do it to fast.

Anni moaned groaned even dug her nails into me at one stage she pulled my hair too towards her clit….. she was that wet and horny she pulled me up and starting on the sausage again till it got nice and hard to enter the oven ………. after the job was done Anni gave me a nice massage.

After the massage Anni rolled me over and went strait for my sausage again she looked me in the eye and asked if she could take it home with her haha

with my tongue

Anni was on my Sausage till time was up could of easily slide my sausage in the oven again but was enjoying her mouth on my nice hard sausage

I could keep writing the things we got up to and the things we chatted about.

My overall rating is

A very nice girl good attitude don’t get put of at first as she was a bit tired.. She is willing to go that extra mile to make you happy or maybe is was just me. I aint no oil painting just treated her with respect.



Unread postby aznonazn » Mon Jun 30, 2014 2:28 am

Sorry the review is abit late. Went to see her on Thursday the 26th June.

Well if you haven’t see her it’s a must just a little advice. Ok so originally I was making a booking for 430pm but was told over the phone that I cannot stay the hour with her since she had a booking for 5pm, so I agreed for a 6pm booking. Arrived there at 550pm and was told to wait on the couch, couple minutes later the bell ring again a Chinese dude showed up and was taken into the room since it was pretty awkward sitting together. 5 minutes later he got out from the room and was asking the boss something in Chinese and I can hear annis name so I was thinking hear we go this cunt is going to try to push in! Lucky the boss stood his ground and told him that she’s booked by me and cannot be given to him. The bloody cunt was still being persuasive but end up seeing another girl.

Ok enough about the rant, now to anni. Now she’s a very tall pretty face Chinese girl about 5ft6 with a nice model body with an enhanced b-c cup and a butt to die for. Off with her bikini nice tits with suckable nipple and neatly trimmed pussy. She seems pretty tired as she was booked out the whole day tried so hard to keep her eyes open but she still didn’t disappoint coz she tried to make it a good gfe. So we DFK bit off hugging on the bed then off she went with a catbath all the way to my balls oh boy she has a smooth tounge and follow by bbbj. She has a different style of bj to be honest it was the best I’ve had, not just a up and down normal bj it was more of a deep suck/deep throat with dickhead licking while my cock still inside her mouth. 2 mins of that and I’m not embarrass to say that I couldn’t hold it so I told her to her that i was cumming, she didn’t quite understand what I said so she put her heads up and saw my first shot squirt and then she understood, but instead of getting a tissue to cover my cock she went back down to my cock and took every shot in her mouth so pretty much I just cim her.

We rest for abit with her sleeping on my chest, about 5 minute is my turn to give her the favour i sucked her nipple down to her pussy. Gave her a long nice daty, started with fake moaning but then after 10 mins she was gasping, body stiffen up then the final stage moaned with her body shaking. She moved away from my mouth with her body still shaking and by this time I was fucking horny again so on with the dom to missionary, no need for lube as she was wet with pussy juice and boy for a tall girl her pussy was tight. Fucked her in miss and then doggy lasted 7-10 mins came then off the shower, dressed and leave happy.

Overall face 8/10
Body 8/10
Service/ attitude 9/10

Tx   aznonaz

Anni Amazing,  by Boney

Person’s Name : Anni

Days Worked : Wednesday

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place, Peakhurst

Date of Visit : Dec 2013

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Hours of Business : 10am until late

Rates : $100/hour

Age : 20ish

Size/shape : Wow, tall

Nationality or Ethnicity : Hong Kong

Services Provided : BBBJ, BBBJ, DFK, DATY, FS

Value for money/recommend? : Yes/Yes.

I noticed a couple of weeks ago this new girl, Anni, had started and her picture on AUS99 looked really hot, but as we know some of these pics look a lot hotter than the girls do in real life. Well on one visit the boss man told me I should come and visit Anni as she was tall and had a smokin hot body. Come Wednesday curiosity got the better of me and I tried to book that afternoon but was told that Anni had to go to school and wouldn’t be back till 8.00pm, hmmm nearly my bed time, but I made a booking hoping she would still be wearing her school uniform. Comes 8.30 I ring to confirm that she has turned up and my appointment is safe, and it is, so I hop in the car and make the drive over to Pritchard Place.

When I arrive I have to sit for a while in the reception as Anni is still in the shower, after a short wait pappasan introduces me to Anni, Wow, she is tall, she is stunning, she has a perfect body, do I really deserve this. Off to the room with growing excitement to shower and dry off, after the money thing is done, the towels replenished and I sit as alluringly as possible on the bed. Anni comes in and leans forward to kiss me with her eyes closed, well I don’t blame her I lost my good looks a long time ago. Anyway we kissed gently and I sensed that she wanted to get into it a lot more deeply but I wanted to make her suffer so I held back and teased her.

When I asked she said she was from Korea, not China as was stated on the website, maybe a bit of both because she spoke in Chinese to pappasan. I have read a bit about Korean Princess Syndrome on this site and I think she had a little of it, a little aloof, but not unfriendly, a little bit special, but not too special to be with me, and who would blame her, she has a stunning body, I don’t know what I would change to make it more perfect, and it was all mine for 1 hour to have my wicked way with. Anni is not just a gorgeous body, she is studying for an accounting degree and needs the money to help support herself.

When we kissed it was open mouth, I didn’t want to hurry so I played with her, kissing and nibbling her lips to build up some tension, after all this lady was special. We progressed to DFK but it still wasn’t the sloppy tonsil wrestling tongue sparing of some ladies, it was gentle and refined. We spent sometime caressing each others body while she made small moaning noises, I was sitting cross legged on the bed and I asked her to sit on my lap with her legs wrapped around me so her pussy and my cock could get acquainted, we spent some time in this position with my cock gently brushing her pussy and sometimes gently grinding it. Next Anni went for the BBBJ, she took my cock into her mouth and sucked, occasionally letting it out into the air so she could run her tongue around the head, all so gentle and erotic, she let me gently fuck her mouth, this is where mirrors are great. I asked if she would like me to lick her pussy and she inquired as to whether I wanted her to cum or not, I asked her if she wanted to, can you guess what the answer was . I spent some time there exploring her garden and then moving on to the defoliated area around that well of thirst quenching liquid which was getting wetter by the minute, after a while I resurfaced and Anni put her hand down there and started to frig herself, she was so beautiful to watch. I laid my cock beside her hand to to feel the sensations of the quick vibrations of her pleasuring herself.

There was more BBBJ, DFK and DATY, when I looked at the clock our time had almost passed, the experience was so nice that I asked if she would mind extending unfortunately her driver was coming, so I said fucking time she dommed me up and got to the finishing line just in time, and how I wished I had extended, I don’t know if the condom was extra thin or not but her pussy was fantastic, so delicate, like fine silk, I wished I could have enjoyed it for much longer. Well maybe next time.

So guys if you would like to visit a tall beautiful Korean Princess with a perfect body, who does porn star stuff with the class of royalty this is your girl. Anni seemed a little aloof at times but really gets into the action in her own delicate erotic way, it was a real pleasure to spend some time with her.

Tx Boney.


ANNI- Kimchi Diamond in Peakhurst   By Max Impact

I sneakily booked Anni a few days ago for her weekly stint at 19 Pritchard today: 90 minutes first slot of the day. This was based on the favourable reviews that have popped up in the past week. It seemed too good to be true.

I was met by Peakhurst Pete’s offsider at the door and he sat me down on the couch. He is a wily Asian character with a cigarette hanging from his jaw.

I was thinking Anni wasn’t there yet cos I’d seen the wily guy turn up by himself to open the shop but then I heard the clip-clop of stilettos coming my way. A slim and young woman walked past in a bikini, glancing briefly at me-I smiled. Her impossibly tall shoes made her shapely legs quiver slightly as she walked.

I could hear the wily guy on the phone saying that next available time was 4-5pm. I knew that he was talking about Anni. The doorbell rang and I soon had another guy sitting next to me on the coach. The phone kept ringing, Anni walked past again (this time softly saying Hi to me), the doorbell rang. It was only 10am and this place was buzzing.

Finally wily guy took me to the room and took the money. He explained that at $100 per hour it would cost me $170 for 1.5 hours. I decided to not argue the toss on that logic and to just get on with seeing Anni.

She wasted no time coming in during my shower so we were on the bed within five minutes. A small room, the bed took up most of it but that meant that the mirrors were close and easy to focus on. Anni crawled above me and rested her lips on mine. She didn’t move- absolutely motionless. Eventually she moved to my chest in a similar manner. It’s quite entertaining and a unique style of hers. Very relaxed and gentle in her approach. Finally my hard cock was in her mouth and she keep totally still other than her unseen swirling tongue moving round and round.

This was like tantric BBBJ lasting over twenty minutes. It was an exceptional feeling but maybe impatient brothers would not like this style as much as I did. I laid her down for daty. Everything about Anni is very gentle.

She came back to BBBJ and I then after domming up I entered her from behind, lying on the bed. She was tight. We progressed to various positions. When she was in cowgirl position she was motionless and I did all the work. This was very enjoyable for me but again some brothers may not appreciate this. I think that she just decided to let me take control. I was in heaven!

In mish I could only survive for so long and exploded inside her. We had been going at it for 70 minutes solid now. It was so enjoyable.

Anni is definitely Korean and confirmed she is from Seoul. She knows Mandarin as well and is certainly a very intelligent girl. She is 165cm tall with enhanced (but done so well as only Gangnam plastic surgeons can do) boobs and a top body. Her face is also very pleasant to look at with unmistakably Korean eyes.

I invited Anni into the shower with me when time was up. As I kissed and caressed her she continued to softly moan.

Tx Max Impact.


Unread postby datmandoo » Wed Jan 15, 2014 5:58 pm

Not too much to complain about with this little bunny. Nice kissing while she stroked and fondled the jewels , loves her long pouting nipples gently kissed and sucked, beautiful rack, booty that demands attention.
When she dropped down in front of the mirror and moved on to a hot gentle suck and the balls done as well, the view in mirror tops, her slanted well made up eyes looking up as she is groaning… well that was all I could possibly ask for. Geeeezuz, my lucky day or what. so good didn’t go for much daty , but did give her a few licks , just to check , and no resistance from her.Usual round of Cowgirl mish doggie , all good , she gets off pretty good , nice noises. Due to booty so cute , finished in flat doggie full pelt. lots of muffled cries into her pillow, her long straight hair reaches right down to her butt cheek. One lift of her booty and a few wiggles and it was all too much. K- blooowie. next time i will leave the tartan skirt on her….. partial to those.Pretty good English , Anni from China i think , been here a year, nice girl, top session. Value plus IMO

Tx Datmandoo


Anni – Stunner with a Unique Service Style by Shinigami12

Person’s Name: Anni

Establishment: 19 Pritchard

Date of Visit: 19/02/2014

Contact Details/Address: 19 Pritchard Place, Penshurst (near Hurstville) (02) 95332025

Hours of Business: 10am-late, 7 days a week

Rates: $70.00 30 minutes, $100.00 hour etc.

Age: Early 20’s, no older than 25. Didn’t discuss with her.

Face: 9/10
Was a super erotic face, especially the eyes. Rounded face, kinda puffy cheeks, luscious and inviting lips. Her eyes stood out, such a turn-on like Asa Akira’s LOL. Could see how Anni could be guessed as Korean. She’s a stunner honestly.

Body: 9/10
Enhanced boobs I think. Very firm and long poinent nipples, though the nipples were too sensitive to touch often. Slim with just enough to hold onto. Skin was soft to the touch. Hair was jet black, long and really beatiful. Ass was okay. Vagoo had a little bit of hair.

Nationality or Ethnicity: Chinese, asked Anni and confirmed it.

Services Provided: BBBJ (no deep-throat), HJ, FS,

Value for money/recommend?: For the price the value for money is def there. Anni was good but has a specific style that some guys prob won’t go for (including me really). It’s very slow paced at times – patience is a virtue with Anni.

On my way there for an hour booking and get a call for confirmation – yep I’m on my way. Upon arrival this place is ultra-small, reminded me of Taren Point in how compact it was. Was shown to a room by the front desk guy, no sign of Anni yet but whatever I guess, handed over 100 for the hour. Couldn’t help noticing the price on the wall was different, 150 for an hour lol. Anyway, the guy leaves so I get a quick shower.

Shower was okay, took ages figuring out the taps as usual. Half way through I was startled by a beautiful girl behind me in this tiny room – finally I get to meet the famous Anni.

After Anni had a quick shower she started off with some light kissing and licking around the nipples and then made her way down for a long… LONG BBBJ. Anni had a very unique style which didn’t do much for me personally, some might like it. It involved a whole lot of tongue swirling around the head with no up and down movement. Anni only got about 1/3 down to about half towards the end. She alternated positions every now and then, when sitting next to me I felt her all over and only her nipples were a little off-limits.

During the BBBJ Anni would take breaks now and again, so I asked her about the cute little pink bag she carries with her. Some enjoyable conversation ensued – Anni seems like a genuinely nice girl but you might need to initiate the talking.

The BBBJ went for about 40 minutes until finally I signalled for ‘sex please’. After the condom was on Anni jumped on top and inserted me slowly. I remembered to check out her face upon first contact – the look on her face was a real turn-on. Anni was looking ahead at the wall with a bit of struggle to fit me in. She looked like it genuinely felt good for her. Finally I was in ‘der but the riding from Anni was a little lackluster to be honest, so I decided to just start jack-hammering from the bottom. This got a strong reaction from Anni, holding on tight and close to me while running her hands through my hair. Throughout I felt Anni’s reactions were genuine.

After a while Anni slowly unsaddled and asked me to go on top. Ofc I obliged but not before noticing the D was soaked in juices. The first time missionary went for about 5-6 mins until Anni said ‘position change’. Into doggy and this was the closest I came to blowing. Strong reactions from Anni again coupled with the view from behind of her smooth and toned body were a formidable combination. However, I just couldn’t get over the line this time unfortunately. I pulled out and once again soaking wet. Anni then offered a HJ as I still had about 10 mins left, but at this point I knew it just wasn’t happening for me today. I let her know after a couple minutes – I felt kinda bad as it was obvious she was putting in a lot of effort. She looked confused at first but soldiered on – offered sex in missionary again which i accepted ofc. This was actually really nice, the body contact with her boobs and soft skin while hearing her soft moaning in my ear. After about 5 mins Anni let me know time was up, but still offered a quick HJ to try get me over the line. I declined, no point really as I just knew it wasn’t happening today for me. Anyway, quick shower and I was out of there. Reception guy asked me if it was okay, I said yeah, just that I think I was tired or something – my fault anyway.

Overall give Anni an A for effort but maybe C or so for technique, didn’t like the lackluster cowgirl or particular style of blowjob. She’s a stunner though, worth it for one try just to see if she’s your thing.

Overall Experience: 8/10

Thank you for reading.

Tx Shinigami12


Name : ADA by Cato

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place Peakhurst

Date of Visit : Tuesday 27/5/2014

Hours of Business : 10am till late

Rates : 30 mins for $70 or 1 hr $100 full service special price

Age : mid 20’s

Size/shape : Size 8 but with womanly curves, nice B cups with long pert nipples, very pretty face

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : CBJ, FS – no DFK (just a few light pecks)

Value for money/recommend? : Absolutely !

Experience / Comments:

After seeing Ada’s stunning photos yesterday I made a dash to Peakhurst after making a booking with the Chinese papasan. I only had half an hour to spare so it was $70 for the session.
When Ada walked into the room, I started smiling like a cheshire cat…. She is one pretty lady – apart from a fantastic body, she’s also a very pretty lady!!

She was very friendly and thanked me for booking her. She is very professional in her demeanour and I was a little concerned that this may later translate into a mechanical service.
After a quick shower she directed me to the bed and disrobed (if you can call it that because all she was wearing was that two piece bikini in her photo and some cute little ugg-boots)

The body is pretty much flawless IMO (being a boob man I would obviously prefer a big set – however when they’re this hot then all is forgiven) Ada has a pert set of B cups, with nice longish nipples – a nice mouthful ! Although she is quite slender she still has curves and an arse to absolutely die for – I couldn’t keep my eyes and hands off it!!!

After a very good CBJ – she jumped on top and rode me gently for a while. Being conscious of the time, I flipped her over and pumped her gently in missionary for a little bit, all the while waiting for the right moment to ask her to flip over so that I can admire that heavenly booty in doggie

After a few mins of gentle missionary (she commented that she liked being fucked gently) I asked her to swap to doggie. She asked if I could be careful because sometimes she found doggie to be painful with well hung customers (this was strange to me because I am as average as they come and I take no notice when asian WLs tell me “Oh you so big”… LOL)

My one and only criticism, she didn’t seem too keen to kiss and only allowed a few pecks on the lips. In her defence I wasn’t clean shaven as usual and a had a three day growth. Perhaps she’ll warm up in this regard after a few visits?

Anyway, I promised to be gentle and then entered her in doggie. OH GOD! What an arse and what a sight to behold. There are mirrors at the foot of the beds in this place and as I was perpendicular to the mirror I got a full sideways view of myself pumping this gorgeous woman with her gorgeous butt in doggie. I kept looking at the clock and held back for as long as I could so that I didn’t waste a single minute of this awesomeness by blowing my load too early!! I blew right on the 30 min mark and she cleaned me up. I had a quick shower and walked out of there a very happy man…

At moments like these you actually feel that you are truly living! At other times you merely exist, but you can’t be any more alive than when you’ve just fucked a gorgeous woman!!

Ada is not a $100 an hour girl – more like a $200 an hour girl. I will be a twice weekly regular at this place if they can continue to provide such quality at such an amazing price!
Enjoy this while it lasts, I certainly will !!!

Tx Cato


anyone tried FIFI?

Postby andrewkim123 » Mon Apr 14, 2014 5:22 pm

hi guys so i saw the pics of fifi and am quite interestedwas just wondering if anyone has tried her, I ask because the trip there is over an hour for me, and i just want to make sure the punt will be worth it :(Thanks in advance for any replies!

Re: anyone tried FIFI?

Postby tan30 » Thu Apr 17, 2014 1:33 am

Gave her a go the day that she was in, roughly at 8pm or so.Pics are a bit misleading since you sort of get the impression that shes in her 20’s (shes well over 30 and looks a bit seasoned). If you can look past that then youre in for a treat- bbbj, heavy gfe and crazy in the sack; can go for a second round (which she suggested). She can give a so-so message as well if youre up for that.

Re: anyone tried FIFI?

Postby Loveasiangals » Thu Apr 17, 2014 10:37 pm

yep I just got back from visiting her and she is worth every cent
all I will say is she is smoking hot in her little outfit and even sexier once it hit the floor..WOW!!!!!!
I can’t wait to I can get there again the girls here have all been greatshame I can’t have a ciggy in between fucks.
Tx For the Banter Bros
By MooNoi
Person’s Name : Fifi
Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place
Date of Visit : Thursday 17 July, 2014
Phone 02 9533 2025Hours of Business : 10.00am till lateRates : $100 for 1 hour

Age : Not as young as she’s made out by the establishment. I would say 30-35… in that vicinity anyway.

Size/shape : Quite tall for an Asian girl. Curvy and has had a baby, therefore has a “baby belly”. Nice long hair and quite pretty face.

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided : DFK, BBBJ, DATY, Covered sex.

Value for money/recommend? : At this price, yes it was ok.

My experience/comments : (Please put some effort into this part for all of our readers, a minimum requirement of 25 words or more to get a picture of time spent and experience had.)

I don’t often get to the south side of the bridge, but I found myself not too far away and decided to take a punt and call in – especially at the price of $100 / hour.

I was met at the door by a Chinese guy with decent English who told me I had to wait a while, so I took a seat and waited. I mentioned to him that I found out about the place on this website and he had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. Oh well.

He took me into the room and Fifi followed. I wasn’t expecting a stunner for $100 / hour, and a stunner she was not. However, having said that, she wasn’t unattractive. (For those on the north side, think of some of the more mature ladies at 142 Hornsby and you’ll get the idea).
She had a nice smile, English was so-so and she was friendly enough in the room.

Into the shower and then on to the bed where she joined me.
She was straight into the DFK and this was rather pleasant and enjoyable. Then on to some sucking of her breasts/nipples (which were “mum breasts” and had definitely seen some action. Probably about B cups and would have been great in their day). This was followed by some DATY action. She enjoyed this until she did the usual “Chinese thing” of trying to push my head away when tension built up on her clit. Like many Chinese WG’s in my experience, it seemed she didn’t want to cum and she said, “why you make me tired?”
If you are a lover of big flaps then you’ll like Fifi. They’re like a pair of elephant ears!

After this she commenced a BBBJ and it was ok if not a little toothy. Still reasonably pleasant though. Let’s face it, it’s got to be a pretty bad BJ to be a bad one!

She didn’t do this for too long, and said the old line, “you fucka me” after a few minutes. As we were only about 20 minutes into the session by now and I’d booked an hour I asked her for some more BBBJ and she obliged for a few more minutes. Then she grabbed a condom and dommed me up and lay on her back. Upon entering and starting humping I found I couldn’t get much feeling from her pussy. It seemed…well… “well used” for want of a better term. After a few minutes of this I asked her to get on top and it wasn’t much better in terms of getting any traction / feeling. (And yes, I’m above average and not small in the cock department…. not boasting, just the way it is). She started with the FOAM and “you stronga man”…. “very big”…. “fucka me gooda”…. and then I moved her around to doggy style with her legs together which was better in terms of getting some feeling into my cock.

Five minutes after this she said, “You too strong…. finish handjob ok?” I decided to ignore this and keep on going as it was only 35 minutes into the session by now. She asked me a couple of more times as I thrusted and in the end I admitted defeat and lay on the bed. She whipped off the dom and commenced a HJ which finished in my getting across the line quite nicely. She then cleaned me up and it was into the shower for her and then me. No offer of a massage or anything similar. I got dressed and was out the door in 50 minutes after entering the room.

If I was paying “regular” brothel prices I wouldn’t have been too impressed with being out the door in 50 minutes, but it’s really hard to argue at $100 for an hour’s punt. Fifi is a nice lady and seems to want to please, but it seems she likes to follow a definite script with her routine in the room and doesn’t like to vary from that script too much. However, I did what I came to do and I was happy enough when I left for the price I paid. As long as you are happy with a reasonably vanilla sexual service you should like Fifi. But if you’re after something a bit different/kinky/or wild PSE sex then she wouldn’t be recommended. I’ll go back to try another girl there for sure.

Tx MooNoi


Mina by Loveasiangals » Thu Apr 17, 2014 10:44 pm

hi 1 time I was there recently I had a new girl called mina,
she was very hot (if u like small tit girls she is perfect) she gives very very good head and is very flexible and loud loud loud  gave a good massage to so if she working fellas give her a go.
 Tx For the brief Review Loveasiangals


Unread postby datmandoo » Mon Feb 17, 2014 11:49 pm

To be quite honest , was hoping to do session with schoolgirl Annie (19yo btw), but she was booked solid 10-am-10pm.

Bit of a drive for nought so asked to see available 2 left.

Met 2 Milfs Michelle and Bobo from China and boss suggested they were naughty enough to make things interesting. So booked em both with 30 mins between bouts.

I will say one thing about these 2 …they know how to suck a cock, and there was no need to prompt , correct, or suggest any improvements to their techniques. Just lay back and enjoy the show for a while…err quite a while. Both relished a good solid pounding and would break a few times to give more good head. one wanted to take a load all the way down the throat, and one wanted to blow me off with her hands onto my stomach and then lick it all up off me. Not gonna say who did what on here , but my dick was tingling like a sherbet from over stimulation, and balls dead empty when I left, so it was all good. Don’t underestimate these 2 ladies appetite for cock , passionate orgasms and sucking technique capabilities.

Enuff said before I get into trouble with them lol. thank you management for 2 good tips !

Tx datmandoo


Unread postby datmandoo » Wed Feb 19, 2014 1:44 pm

Angel, a Wednesday girl, well presented tall slim milf , with a certain amount of glamma too, smile and hair being 2 factors, plus little butt ans slender long legs. Dress in a figure hugging little red dress. I was quite relieved when she said hello in the room, worth the drive , and sealed deal with hug immediately. Top vibe from her.very pleased with her hot bj straight up, and she actually has nice mainicured long nails which is great for ball ticle as she sucks. Got an immediate boner up to almost full hardness in no time at all. Angel seemed happy with this result too and her gentle groans as she sucked got me rock hard very quickly. Let her go at it for a while , as she’s damn good at . perfect suction to motion ratio.
Sex was of to a good start because I could feel she had a pussy that really wanted a cock in there, as it had a beautiful grip all the way down the rod , which gave a delightful suction as she moved up and down, hard not to blow. Did my usual run of CG mish, doggie and side saddle. all good , but was thinking about a return to bj for a finish , but figured too shorter time left , so ploughed into her in ss as she deftly tickled the jewels softly. Big finish. Totally fucked , let her shower alone while I recovered. Some cuddle and hugs after we were dressed. Great session , vlue for money girl , who I quite liked the look of.
Actually chatted to manager there for a while and when she walked back in after a session I was seriously contemplating a second session right then and there. My wallet said yes, my brain said yes, my dick said yes… but my balls vetoed the bill. Totally smashed and emptied…..feeling just like they should be. lol
Tx  datmandoo



By Boney

Person’s Name : Sophie

Days Worked : Friday

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place, Peakhurst

Date of Visit : Jan 2014

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Hours of Business : 10am until late

Rates : $100/hour

Age : early 30 to mid 30’s

Size/shape : Slim

Nationality or Ethnicity : Singapore Chinese

Services Provided : BBBJ, DFK, DATY, FS

Value for money/recommend? : Yes/Yes.

Well, another New Year, year of the horse. Excellent two chances to make resolutions, two opportunities to break them. One of mine was to spend less money on punting, it lasted until nearly the end of January. So on this beautiful hot Sydney summers day I find myself in the car heading out to Peakhurst, I will only stay for one hour so it will only be $100 I tell myself. I had booked ahead for Sophie. Now that is Sophie, not Sophia who was also working that day, who though they should allow Sophie to call herself Sophie. Even pappasan was confused and asked me twice. After I arrive pappasan greets me at the door, he always takes your hand and kind of pulls you in, maybe in case someone may see you. Mind you he does it in a very soft way, but it feels insistent, sometimes he will help you out of the chair in a similar fashion.

So I get the room next to the spar bath, probably the best room in the place. Pappasan asks how long I want to stay? Sticking to my resolve I reply 1 hour, “are you sure, not 2 hours” he says, “Nope just 1 hour”. Anyhow as I am undressing Sophie appears at the door and comes in to sort out the finances, she is quite beautiful but I still insist on one hour. So off to the shower and clean off the sweat and grime from the day, my brief encounter with Sophie has whetted my appetite and I can feel my little brother starting to look forward to the afternoons entertainment. I dry off and settle myself on the bed, when Sophie returns she faffs around for a little while with her phone and eventually finds some soft Chinese music, so to start she removes her clothes and we start to gently dance naked together body to body, well as close as possible with my little brother getting rapidly more excited.

We started with a little bit of kissing which was spoiled a little by the taste of cigarettes which she must have had just before we started. I must remember to take my small bottle of Listerine to freshen up mouths before we start. Sophie is quite and oral girl and she loves to lick and suck, her cat bath was great and her BBBJ was fantastic, this little sex kitten has some tricks up her sleeve in the oral department that I haven’t come across before, so I won’t let on so that I won’t spoil the surprise. She is well worth a visit and in the end I was enjoying myself so much I ended up staying for an extra hour, Sophie came a number of times, I lost count (boast).

Sophie said that it was her first day at this shop, her English was pretty marginal so it was a bit hard to understand, Her massage skills were quite good and she was very definitely enthusiastic in the cot, some of her skills were surpising.

Now for the Chinese New Year resolutions.

Tx Boney


by tan30 » Fri Jan 24, 2014 10:53 pm

Havnt been punting in awhile and wanted to go back to Pritchard Place since its close by and doesnt have a lot of people there.

Called and booked Layla since she started today and was really curious as to what she had to offer (no pics of her just yet, so it was a bit exciting to see).

Came in for an hour and payed papasan. Entered one of the rooms, had plenty of mirror and view space which also had a shower and sink right next to the bed. Did the usual and had a wash down before Layla entered a couple of minutes later. I honestly didnt know what to expect, but when she entered she was a stunner. Probably in her late 20’s or early 30’s, curved on the side, C cups; nice and perky, perfect to have a play with… her face was easy on the eyes as well. No problem all around.
We got more comfortable before she went for a cbj. I’d like to premise this with the fact that most cbj’s ive had (with WL and hookups) is that many girls dont know what theyre doing, for the girls that do, its pretty fucking amazing. Layla was the latter, by a mile. Her mouth was nice and wet, she was firm and really knew how to work everything (goddam I almost came too as well). Afterwards she climbed ontop and went into cowgirl, missionary, doggy, and other variations. She then offered a hj since I wasnt finishing. Afterwards she gave a message, which was alright…

All in all, Layla is someone I’d like to see again in the future, shes charismatic (although limited english), knows how to have fun and great at sex. Definately in top 5 WL that I’ve had.


Tx tan30


By Khadji

Person’s Name : Michelle

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place Peakhurst

Date of Visit : 15/12/13

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Hours of Business : 10am till late

Rates : 1 hr $100 full service special price

Age : 35-40

Size/shape : Cuddly

Nationality or Ethnicity :Chinese

Services Provided : CBJ, LFK, MishCG

Value for money/recommend? : Yes

Experience / Comments

I was in the area and thought I would drop in for a visit. Michelle came in and had a twinkle in her eye so I thought this would be fun. Into the shower for a quick rinse and then onto the bed for some cuddling and mutual caressing, I am a fan of the wandering fingers. Some LFK before slipping on the Dom for some CBJ, from there into some CG which varied between slow and fast before flipping over into some Mish where I got to control the pace, lots of pounding to cross the line. I worked up a good sweat and enjoyed the playful nature of Michelle as well as some of the dirty talking during the action. If you like your Chinese ladies on the cuddly size with a cheeky attitude she is the one for you.

Tx Khadji


Milf_Man Does Michelle

Shop: 19 Pritchard Place Peakhurst
Price: $100/Hr (BARGAIN)
Pros: Shop is secluded, front entrance only but no discretion needed (no bus stops in sight)

Perpetrator: Milf Man
Victim: Michelle
Date: Sunday (several wks ago)
Origin: Chinese
Age: ~30’s
Size: 10-12
Height: ~160cm
Face: 7/10

Rocked up to 19 Pritchard with the intention of seeing Michelle for the 1st time. Lucky for me Michelle was available straight away so i begrudgingly picked her for an hour, so as to make her feel like she has to impress me, even though i was giggling inside at the prospect of banging this hot piece of ass in a few mins time.

Michelle is a curvier woman with a lot of meat to grab onto, exactly the way i like it – wide hips, big butt, thick legs. It didn’t hurt that she also had a pretty face and a hefty bust. During sex, she is somewhat hot and cold, with the occasional scratching of the back.

Took a shower alone to wash the tools, before lying on the bed for her to return. Not a big kisser, so i had Michelle straddle me cowgirl while i sucked on her nipples to warm her up. I then directed that mouth of hers down to my mushroom head for a cbj (she did not offer bbbj) in a seated position with my back against the wall and her lying side-on so that my fingers could have access to her honey pot, which she had no problems with me fingering. Occasionally, i would hold her head against my belly and pump her throat all the way down for that extra stimulation. After a few mins, i had her sit on my face with that fat ass, which pretty much smothered me whole, it was a sight to behold, even though it was pitch black from where i was looking. Eventually i had to surface for some air, so i decided it was time to stuff her pussy with my thick log.

Before inserting my tool into a woman for the 1st time, i always make the chick tell me that they are “ready” for my meat. Michelle was no exception, after hitting that clit and sliding my cock up and down those pussy lips a few times in the missionary position, i slowly inserted the head, then the shaft all the way inside that magical cave (which i’m sure have been extensively explored on numerous occasions). Michelle was quite the moaner and as my thrusts became more purposeful and violent, her body tensed for that first wave of delight. Sensing the moment, I then flipped her over onto her stomach for some old fashioned flat doggie (my favourite position). Not only am i in complete control of her body (especially that ass), but the visual of seeing a woman getting pounded from behind, with her asshole winking back at me is usually enough to take me over the edge. Before long i had that familiar sensation that i was ready to explode, so I leaned over, whispered into her ear, “tell me how much you want me to cum inside that dirty pussy” and really rammed it home. 

By the end of it, i was quite exhausted. In fact, she even made me sweat, saved me having to go to the gym afterwards for a workout. All in all, a pleasant experience.

Cons: Michelle had to leave the room in the middle of intercourse for an unspecified reason (my guess was she had to take a leak), dour the mood slightly but wasn’t enough to kill off my erection.
Return: Probably, but she does like to ask a lot of questions which i don’t like. 

Tx Milf_Man



by datmandoo » Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:00 am

Gave Maggie a run on Sat nite. Pleasant face , nicely made up , full booty , nice square shoulders, but best thing is her bust, Not only is an all real set of C cuppers with lovely nipples , they are beautifully shaped , firm and do not drop much when the bra comes off. Quite a yummy set which are a joy to suck on and hold as she cowgirls. Only cbj but well dome and takes instructions well on how you like it done. She seems to get off mostly in doggie on the side and cowgirl hunched over you so you can lick her nipples.
I gave he some brisk pounding in mish to watch her facial expressions , but returned to side saddle for finishing run. Good street level service, and as i said , rack quite lovely. Little bit English spoken , she is Chinese, easy going girl.

Tx datmandoo