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by datmandoo » Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:00 am

Gave Maggie a run on Sat nite. Pleasant face , nicely made up , full booty , nice square shoulders, but best thing is her bust, Not only is an all real set of C cuppers with lovely nipples , they are beautifully shaped , firm and do not drop much when the bra comes off. Quite a yummy set which are a joy to suck on and hold as she cowgirls. Only cbj but well dome and takes instructions well on how you like it done. She seems to get off mostly in doggie on the side and cowgirl hunched over you so you can lick her nipples.
I gave he some brisk pounding in mish to watch her facial expressions , but returned to side saddle for finishing run. Good street level service, and as i said , rack quite lovely. Little bit English spoken , she is Chinese, easy going girl.

Tx datmandoo


By upanatit

Person’s Name :  Jasmine

Establishment :  19 Pritchard Place, Peakhurst

Date of Visit :  Sunday 3/11/13

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :  19 Pritchard Place, Peakhurst,  0295332025

Hours of Business : 10am till late

Rates :  100 bucks for the hour

Age :  Stated 28 and would be close to it.

Size/shape :  Size 8, slim, Great ass, trimmed pussy, C cup titties, not too bad on the eye as far as looks go.

Nationality or Ethnicity : Chinese

Services Provided :  CBJ, FS, GFE, DATY

Value for money/recommend?  Oh yeah

My experience/comments :

So many places – so little time.  This was the dilemma that faced me on a recent visit down south into Sydney.  Was confusing myself reading too many reviews, and short listing a number of places, I made the decision to visit Pritchard Place.  This decision was based on the fact that they were on the top of the Auxxxreviews Affiliates list. (Never said I was smart)
Anyhow, I drove on over with the Nav Bitch guiding the way.  As has been pointed out before these premises are in an industrial area with a number of adjoining businesses.  The entry/exit to the premises is not so discrete and if it had not been for the fact that it was a Sunday arvo and there was no-one around, I don’t think I would have entered.
The door was answered by a friendly papasan who led me into the lounge room at the front of the premises where he told me it would be a 5 minute wait.  Number of punters coming and going whilst waiting, so I was lucky to be able to slip in without a booking.

Anyhow a short time later Jasmine comes into the lounge room wearing the tiniest skirt showing off her great ass.  Took her into the room for 1 hour of happy play.  Quick shower for us both and onto the bed.  Jasmine came across as very shy at first, however became quite a hornbag as the session went on.

Started off with a nice catbath, teasing the nipples and some nice body to body rubbing and groping. No kissing, but allowed my tongue and mouth to explore her delicious body.    Onto the CBJ which good with some nice ball licking and sucking.  Into missionary and jasmine is a very flexible lady and which allowed me to get her into a good position to access her happy button which she just loved being teased.  Tease I did and every time I would pull my fingers away she would grab my hand and place it right back there.   Nice tight juicy pussy and good muscle control had her milking my cock for all it was worth.

Into doggy and looking at that fantastic butt with the little hole winking at me and begging to be played with, had my fingers working away inside in no time whilst pounding her sweet pussy.  No objection from her in this regard.

Time for a quick shower for us both to cool off, before some cuddling on the bed and Jasmine giving me a HJ whilst playing with her pussy, showing it off in the mirror at the end of the bed.  Back into some missionary and shot a nice load over her stomach and tits.

All up a great time had and I am glad I ended up letting the Nav Biitch point me in the direction of this place. Jasmine was advertised as being the new girl at these premises on this day and she well and truly showed me a good time.  Spoke to the papasan when leaving and gave him the thumbs up for this lovely girl.

by datmandoo » Mon Nov 04, 2013 10:23 am

Jasmine , she is a Sunday girl and you shouldn’t miss her. Pale skin , nice legs , perfect butt, foxy type cute face, long black hair , no tats, b-cups  real.
Cbj only , but the ball-slashing and almost rose-leafing was so good i didn’t fucking care. Got me absolutely rock hard, and I took her standing in her heels in front of sink mirror. Damn she looked good standing there copping it. Facial expressions  and sounds with mirror view close up was Kodak moment for me. And then you look down at the long slim legs and little ass and waist, you just gotta slam it even harder, and then she goes off more, then you look down at the legs again , and round and round it goes. I stop, cos run outa breath, stupidly not realising she was halfway thru cumming, and she is twisting and writhing over the rod to keep things going for her to end-game. Fuck ! nearly lost the load right there, first position.
Onto bed and rutted each other like maniacs for and 15 mins, slammed home in doggie and we both needed a good rest , before showering. i couldn’t stand or walk for some time LOL. So am gonna conclude it was pretty good session : ) Great girl. Heard an Aussie guy walking out before me, telling reception, “Amazing, amazing amazing !” Yep she’s pretty good little girl, especially with the prices there.




 trashhammer » Tue Oct 22, 2013 5:42 pm

I am having a week of taking on really strong looking girls who are like a challenge for me , as opposed frightened little frail rabbits or quick movoing cheetahs, i usually pick.

Got one lined for Thurs somewhere else, but today found one at this place. I was talking to Aussie owner yesterday, who said he had a new gal called Selena, who has good sized butt and real rack, and bit of a screamer (my ears prick up)…. so went out there. As described probably size 10 , Singapore girl, bad looking, dressed in fishnets and black lacey thing. Yep, looks like a challenge.
Good hot style bj , head shaking , weaving at all angles sucking me at every conceivable angle, balls slashed by her tongue. Really worked me over as i stood on the bed watching the action. Checking her butt out in the mirror ” Right, that thing is gonna cop it. She’ll take it alright.”
After sucking me to hardness, got her into doggie and slapped my knob on the entrance to her rig, making sure she couldn’t slip it it in for a while .She’s whimpering, I make her beg for it ( I feel like teasing for a change). after a couple of minutes of nipple tweeking (she’s nutz for it) , I take hold of her formidable but cheeks , start slamming her full tilt. NOW the loud wailing starts ( That’s what I’m here for baby). I go for broke , almost. Cowgirl, she ruts hard and loud , then some slammin mish, dirty talking int her ear (she probably doesn’t understand a word, but its revving me up). Back to a harder slammin’ spankin’ doggie and blow hard.

Lesson , one of these warrior girls in the morning , and you may need a lie down in arvo , if you are gonna attempt another one that nite, perhaps even call it a day. actually just now as i write this I got a 2nd warrior fuck lined up for Thursday, see if it comes off….. You know, “Best laid plans of mice and men…..””


by datmandoo » Sat Jul 27, 2013

I have survived a few wild girls like Bianca, Ami and Love…but today I met my match. Angel is half Vietnamese half Hong Kong killer in the cot. A sexy pretty face , but wicked eyes. nice sz 8 figure, small bust but point sensitive nipples that like a good strong nibble and tweaking. The bj was wild ravenous type, but I never felt a tooth, even when she got worked up. Licking the jewels with her staring up, a Kodak moment. But when she got on top and started cow-girling herself to a frenzy, I just had to hold it together so she could go for it. Tried to get her off a few times but she was determined to stay up there, and increased the pace even more. I tried to thrust a few times to aid her efforts, but it was almost in hurricane she working up. Eventually took her in doggie, mish, doggie, side saddle, til I ran outa gas. Her body constantly writhing and wiggling and she wore me out. So lay her on bed on her back so she lick the jewels while I the load over her breast. Whao! Shoulda had a V I think. will be better prepared for the inevitable rematch. No English to speak of and too hot for me too conquer are only downside to me.
If you like em noisy wild and slim go and see this girl b4  someone snatches her up for a mistress. Addictive , you have been warned. budget price but top service til 10.30 tonight, but will be back Tues she tells me.

Jessica Review

by trashhammer » Thu Nov 29, 2012 12:14 am


Japanese/Chinese mix girl , speaks Japanese, lived in Tokyo, very nice girl, late 20’s, beautiful rubbery ,shiny skinned body, lovely all-real rack with perfect nipples and her breasts sit so well you can’t stop looking at them, and a gorgeous shaped  booty too , cute face with baby doll curved forehead look going on, adorable nature and likes to go hard. A great BJ and sucks like demon real porn star style, and can do nice ball licking too. She says she thinks a bit fat , but i would like  to have GF like her on my arm, still better than most Aussie girl figures out there. The sex was riotous fun, the more I gave it to her, the more she loved it. And she took it out of me so much, I had to sit in the car for a while, before i could safely drive away. Bouncy, bubbly little bundle of joy in the room. Would like to see her again for sure. At $85 /30mins , tremendous bang for your buck.

Nana Review

Postby datmandoo » Sun Jul 07, 2013 6:37 pm

Nana is a Korean girl, good attitude , doesn’t work the usual Korean shops, says she is working on losing a few kg’s but I genuinely hope she doesn’t lose her full Latina type booty that is definitely, her starring asset for me. Athletic build. Nice shiny skin tone. Some sexy bj and she really gets into it, little growls and moans as she worked on me, added value : )  Once I was up , we got int to some fun slamming and banging away at each other, taking turns like a tag team, exhausting ourselves in turn. Damn that booty is a good fun thing to grab a hold of. Small bust, but all real, and Nana loves some attention to her nipples. You can feel the goose bumps on her back when you get it right, and her sounds nice too. Good romp, fun and powerful girl.

Postby datmandoo » Sun Jul 14, 2013 3:32 pm

Another top session with Nana. She is built like an athelete with super good booty size and shape, and the sex yesterday was an  Olympic standard effort from her. Even  when giving her my very best, and every ounce of energy, she still called out for “More and harder”. I was well rested and charged up with V drink this time, but still couldn’t out-fuck this Korean sex athlete. Don’t dismiss this girl cos she ain’t the usual Korean stick-doll figure, she is awesome in the cot and deserves booty whorship. And man, can she move that thing.
A lot fun was had in 45 min and I required 15mins more on the couch after, before I could safely drive. Boss gave me Coke while he was teasing Nana , ” Nana. What did you do to this guy ? He’s wrecked, cant even walk to his car!” She is off on hols in 2 weeks , hope i can fit in one more training session with Nana. Her being the trainer

Sue Review

by trashhammer » Sun Feb 17, 2013 2:39 pm


Wow! Never had a “Korean” girl like this one. Name Sue, think Koreans spell it just “Su” Soft sensual gfe type. Gorgeous perfectly padded body , bootie and b-cup breasts superb. Sweet face, 22YO and all that, but the vibe was the killer. Soft long cbj and ball tickle sent me into the clouds. Told her she was my special KAL hostess girl who was putting me on cloud nine, and she came up for air, and giggled in an adorable way. A really different sexy slow bj style that knocked me out, for a full 15 mins, so good I couldn’t bare to stop her. Kind of girl you can just lie yourself back like a starfish and let her go for  it, knowing everything is gonna do to your tackle, you are gonna love and you can trust her never to even feel a hint of tooth, as she twists slides her mouth on you in about every angle you can imagine. She treasures your cock , like it is her favourite little pet and showers it with love and playful affection. Breathtaking exp for me just to watch her, let alone the feeling.


After 15 mins of bj, I just had to have impaled on the rod. Cowgirl started very slow, her hunched over me, her breathing into my ear, I could feel her getting deep into the pleasure zone and her back beginning to sweat, just totally let her do her on thing, and it was great. Finally got into more positions, but it didn’t really matter which one, it was all so dreamlike I didn’t care, til I took her in side-saddle and went friggin’ crazy on her ass, and we came together. She said that was unusual for her and she really enjoyed that orgasm and THANKED me. What a sweetie.


It might be because i just let her please herself most of the time in the sex bit, seemed to make her feel very relaxed. Really nice-nice-nice girl. Even though cbj only, don’t underestimate what this girl can do with her mouth-feel. Heavenly stuff not encountered all that often for me. Love to do a full hour next visit for sure. A very different sort of girl you will remember fondly.

Lexy Review

by datmandoo » Sat Apr 13, 2013 4:22 pm


Lexy just started today and she is a Hong Kong petite girl slim size 8 with cheeky pussycat eyes and fine arched eyebrows, tanned skin , no tats , great little figure, cute as face and smile. CBj really well done, i didn’t ask for extras, light kissing, general gorgeous vibe. Tickled the jewels and stroked me till i was half insane, then into cowgirl  and Lexy was off like a little tiger, growling and groaning her way to what seemed to be a nice intense orgasm.


Standing doggie in front of mirror too good (OMG the legs and little butt) and i lost the load. So snug and good feel, seemed like i came 2 times in a row. We lay down on the bed and Lexy cuddled up on my chest like a kitten and stroked and lightly scratched the jewels. So good, I felt like booking another half hour with her. But saw a racked up dolly in the hallway before and decided to book her after a coke and rest watching some tv in the waiting lounge.


Would definitely like to see Lexy again . A very enjoyable 30 mins : )  She’s on til 11 tonite and for $85 good value AND cute, age mid 20’s. Oh yea she loved daty after sex and genuinely came too, shaved cute little rig, which is super sensitive in a good way.

Yu Lee Review

by datmandoo » Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:36 pm

Was on the the way out the door after seeing  Lexy and Yu Lee (she spells it Uly or something like that?), any way she is great. Nice body pretty face , mid 20’s  size 8 , sexy ass and cheeky naughty flirty type . Oh well, what the hell. A friend slipped me a Cialis (tadalophil) the other day and i popped it an hour before i got to shop. Fuck those things work alright : )


So, decided to make it a hatrick and took 30mins with Yu Lee to round out the afternoon visit. This girl is strong, fun sexy and full of energy, great personality. Mother fucker of a cbj, ball licking, ass tickle. She had all the tricks going on and the pill kicked in again and Yu Lee took full advantage of the rigid fun pole, cow-girling herself to some mighty good moments for her. After that show I want to just pound the hell outa that bootie. Great sex, she is a really wildcat in the cot, likes a spank and a real brisk time in a lotta positions. 20 min mark and the rod was still going fine, but my general body energy stating to wain, so gave her a final super fun rutting in side-saddle doggie and then collapsed before finishing, so Yu Lee slipped the dom off me, lubed the rod for hand job, while at same time gave me hell of a ball licking, looking up at me , groaning and growling like a little tigress on heat. To return favour , gave her my very best daty, and boy does she love that. Holds your head where she likes it and cums nice and strong. She was very appreciative of the last effort i had left in me (daty for her desert) Wow to see this girl when i am fresh next time. A good deal more to explore. Good visit , 3 girls , all different and all cute and sexy. A win-win-win situation……Now what the hell do i do  for rest of my Saturday night. ? How can you beat that ?