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by pussyeater » Thu Aug 14, 2014 6:49 pm


Long time lurker (since HL started in fact) and this is my first post on this forum. As recommended I made a booking to see Anni yesterday. The session started with the laconic Anni saying “Have shower, wash dick” and that was the high point of our conversation! Anni was completely expressionless and seemed to be in an extremely relaxed, preanaesthetic state. After an hour of comatose Anni – I did get to lick her gorgeous pussy a bit- I gave up and asked papsan if I could spend time with another lady. After a brief search I finally settled on Mimi. Mimi is an older lady about size 10, has had a bub and has fake boobs. In bed the contrast between Anni and Mimi could not have been starker as Mimi was extremely passionate and nothing was off limits. I had a great time finally coming in her mouth and snowballing- the first time I have done this. Some nice conversation followed and after a quick shower I was on my way home an exhausted but happy punter.

Tx pussyeater


Person’s Name : Bibi

Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place Peakhurst

Date of Visit : 16/07/14

Contact Details/Address/Weblink :

Hours of Business : 10am till late

Rates : 1 hr $100

Age : 30’s

Size/shape : nice legs, C cups, Has either had a kid or Lipo

Nationality or Ethnicity :Chinese

Services Provided : CBJ, FS,

Value for money/recommend? : ok, ymmv

Experience / Comments

The weekly squash game was canceled so i had a pass and a couple of hours to kill. Rang ahead and was recommended Mimi so booked her in. The place is at the end of a culdersac in an industrial area, sensor lights out the front with about 5 car spaces. Was met at the door by an asian fella and he guided me to the waiting area which is basically a couch with a tv and water cooler in front of you. I got there right on time but had to wait 15 then Bibi came out of a session and her lovely legs caught my eye and i thought this could be fun. After waiting a few more mins it dawned on me that this was not my booking. I found out from the papasan that this was Bibi and not my booking Mimi. I don’t think Bibi was on the online roster. Anyway i thought i’d wait to see what Mimi was like and waited around another ten mins. As soon as i saw her i knew i wasn’t going to go with her. The Pap tried getting me to book both of the girls for a double but i passed. Mimi was ok, a bit on the bigger scale of things for my liking and so i went with Bibi.
Bibi has a pretty smokin body when you look at her from behind. Her legs are amazing with a nice butt, a good set of boobs with a bit of scarring around her belly area which she seems to be very conscious of but not something that really bothered me. She started me off on my belly and oiled her top half up and gave me a body slide then a very thorough catbath. I wasn’t really into it but i had a while to kill so let her do her thing. I asked her if she kissed and she replied, no tongue! Bummer! Kissing her was like being head butted on the lips by woody woodpecker, so i put a stop to that pretty quickly. The CBJ was ok, nothing to rave about. Sex was actually pretty good and she was happy to maneuver into the variety of positions i got her into. Starting with cowgirl, mish, doggie, standing doggie and finishing up in mish. Her pussy felt pretty good and looked awesome as i withdrew on each stroke in doggie. She sometimes had a vague look on her face when we were looking at each other, i confirmed she was ok so we kept at it. When we finished we had a good chat about various things, other establishments and some of the girls that worked there, life in Oz etc. She has pretty good english so wasn’t an issue getting a conversation going. Overall it was a decent session. Definitely not of the caliber of the 64 girls. But as like many of the reviews of this place it’s value for money. Not many other places you can get an hour session for $100.

Face 6/10
Body 7/10
Legs 9/10
Service 7.5/10