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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place



Unread postby datmandoo » Wed Feb 19, 2014 1:44 pm

Angel, a Wednesday girl, well presented tall slim milf , with a certain amount of glamma too, smile and hair being 2 factors, plus little butt ans slender long legs. Dress in a figure hugging little red dress. I was quite relieved when she said hello in the room, worth the drive , and sealed deal with hug immediately. Top vibe from her.very pleased with her hot bj straight up, and she actually has nice mainicured long nails which is great for ball ticle as she sucks. Got an immediate boner up to almost full hardness in no time at all. Angel seemed happy with this result too and her gentle groans as she sucked got me rock hard very quickly. Let her go at it for a while , as she’s damn good at . perfect suction to motion ratio.
Sex was of to a good start because I could feel she had a pussy that really wanted a cock in there, as it had a beautiful grip all the way down the rod , which gave a delightful suction as she moved up and down, hard not to blow. Did my usual run of CG mish, doggie and side saddle. all good , but was thinking about a return to bj for a finish , but figured too shorter time left , so ploughed into her in ss as she deftly tickled the jewels softly. Big finish. Totally fucked , let her shower alone while I recovered. Some cuddle and hugs after we were dressed. Great session , vlue for money girl , who I quite liked the look of.
Actually chatted to manager there for a while and when she walked back in after a session I was seriously contemplating a second session right then and there. My wallet said yes, my brain said yes, my dick said yes… but my balls vetoed the bill. Totally smashed and emptied…..feeling just like they should be. lol
Tx  datmandoo