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Aus99 Review 19 Pritchard Place



Micky Magic By Boney

Person’s Name : Micky
Days Worked : Tuesday, Thursday
Establishment : 19 Pritchard Place, Peakhurst
Date of Visit : 8 Oct 2013
Contact Details/Address/Weblink : http://19pritchardplace.com/
Hours of Business : 10am until late
Rates : $100/hour
Age : Late 20’s early 30’s
Size/shape : Short and a bit stocky, but not at all fat, nice breast with small brown nipples
Nationality or Ethnicity : China
Services Provided : CBJ, Light Kissing, FS, Erotic massage
Value for money/recommend? : Yes/Yes.
Well another great day in Sydney, bit of rain but what is that between friends, sees me rock off to Pritchard Place. I rang the doorbell and the door was opened not by Papasan but by the diminutive Micky. What a surprise, she was shortish and a little stocky but with a nice smile, not my usual cup of chai. “Come with me and I will look after you good” says Micky, well that is the kind of invitation it is hard to ignore, so I allowed her to lead me to a small but practical room. “How long you want to stay?” she asks and I ask for the usual hour, who could go past it for $100. So while she takes the money I hop into the shower, I notice a Barbie bag gently glowing on the bed and I started to have pictures of strange shaped vibrating implements of pleasure being charged to capacity for the coming session. This could be very interesting, later I was to be disappointed, it was a DVD player.
When Micky returns to the room I am sitting on the bed waiting, after she removes her very tiny pieces of clothing I reach out to her. But, Micky was having none of this she tells me to lie face down on the bed, a couple of seconds of thought says that this little lady likes to be in control and that I should just relax and go along for the ride. Micky starts off with a very gentle and erotic massage, my whole spine is tingling and the delicate touch which runs up my inner thighs and brushes against my balls sends off electric sparks that make me want to writhe. This continues for sometime until I can no longer stand the exquisite torture and have to turn over so that she can pay some attention to my front side, and so that I can enjoy the view of this diminutive torturer. After a while of course I just have to touch and explore her miniature body, the sight of her gorgeous smile and her eye contact were really turning me on. Eventually we got to the condom BJ which normally I find a bit of a drag, but because of her warm up all sorts of incredible sensations came from her skilled mouth and tongue to my manhood, she was very professionally taking me to the peaks of ecstasy and backing off to keep me there.
Eventually it came time to have the main course, so Micky asked what position, I requested side scissors, a good position so that we both have access to each others bodies and it is easy to control entry, for both parties, I worried a little that perhaps this little lady may have trouble with my massive Caucasin member (haha). We lay there for a while just exploring each others bodies with our finger tips and tongues, sucking on nipples, my manhood knocking on heavens door, causing Micky to gasp a little and enjoy the stimulation. When it was time to enter her, I did so slowly, giving her time to let her muscles relax, and as they did I was allowed deeper into her belly. We proceeded to enjoy each other in a number of positions until it was her turn to get on top of me and ride my member. I could reach down and cup my hands on her perfect buttocks and explore around her pussy as she rode me. When I came it was not just the clouds and the rain but a full blown thunderstorm. To finish Micky gave me a cool down light massage and in the closing moments of the session I returned the favor and massaged her forearms and shoulders.
All in all I am glad I relaxed and succumbed to the mastery and techniques that MIcky had to offer rather than impinge myself upon her. She is a beautiful lady with a great smile and eyes, she is a bit of an enigma in her penchant for cutsie Barbie accessories contrasting with her profession and her tattoos. If you want porn star Micky is not your girl, but if you want to spend a very nice hour with a lady who is very happy to  please she is the one for you.